Northland Reel Life Feb 2017

  • 1/03/2017

Tough times for trout - and anglers

With warm temperatures and a “medium adverse event” declared in Northland, water levels have been getting very low.

Some recent decent rainfall has given us some respite but unleashed the humidity.

If this dry continues, unfortunately our waterways will return to mean annual low flows or below.

Top right: Success! on Kai Iwi Lakes.

The heat is really taking its toll on our lowland river systems, producing challenging conditions for our trout population.

We suggest targeting our lakes and reservoirs for some success.

Please remember that with all the fires we’ve been having lately, to be mindful of the total fire ban when preparing your trout meal.

It may be tempting to have a nice summer camp fire but the area is tinder-dry, even as we move into autumn.

Twilight opportunities

Remember parents, that kids under 12 years-old can get a free child’s licence - and children aged 12 to 17 can get a One Day Licence for a mere $5 ($25 for a whole season).

Think about entertaining your children with a bit of freshwater fishing, even bait fishing on weekday afternoons or on the weekends, to make the most of daylight saving while it’s still here.

The mornings and evenings are a little cooler to get some relief from the day-time heat of the sun.

There are good fishing opportunities at Wilson’s or Whau Valley Dam and those further north can try out Lake Manuwai.

The trick to success is getting kids in the fish zone and keeping their attention span.

It's get a kick out of going fishing.

The hotter it is the deeper the thermocline will be - the area where there is a nutrient build-up and temperature drops away quite quickly from the warmer top layer of a lake or reservoir.

There is usually an abundance of food for fish to feed on in this zone and fish activity increases.

A successful angler takes the time to understand trout, what they eat and the conditions that they thrive in.

This provides a good learning opportunity for kids.

Give it a go and have some outdoor fun with your children.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact our office or drop by to discuss how to get your kids into freshwater fishing.

Remember to Check, Clean & Dry

While most anglers are familiar with this catch cry, it's timely to remind locals and visitors to the region that Northland has some very special lakes and water bodies.

With the warm temperatures, weed and aquatic pests are booming so please check, clean and dry your fishing equipment between our lakes and reservoirs when travelling between them.

Some of the freshwater weeds in Northland can make angling even trickier than it needs to be.

Making an effort to clean your gear between water bodies can help you have a better angling experience as well as protecting sensitive waterways.

It’s a good and pretty easy practice to get into.

More info on CCD - click here

Tight lines!

Field officer Andrew Kirk


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