Reel Life April 2023

  • North Canterbury
  • 19/04/2023

Reel Life April 2023

2023 Trout festival - 16th September at Clearwater Resort & the Groynes Christchurch

Coming back bigger and better, we are holding the annual Trout Festival again.

This year we have secured some of New Zealand’s best trout anglers, including:

Malcolm Bell and Darian Sheheen from The Complete Angler are both accomplished fly fishers and soft bait aficionados.

Jeff Forsee from Wanaka is a well-known New Zealand and international guide and photographer.

James Fuller & Peter Scott – Both previous members of the New Zealand fly fishing team and current members of the SFFNZ, which runs competitions (mainly in the North Island) and organises the New Zealand fly fishing teams.

Hannah Clement  A local guide and regular on the Pure Fly TV series will be there to give a female perspective on trout fishing and to impart her knowledge.

Tom Hodge - Another local guide will also be along with the guys from Fisherman Loft.

Carl McNeil  - Master casting instructor and owner of Epic fly rods will be back and giving a series of casting clinics. 

This year we have organised some marquees, and in these, we will have the following.

Manic Tackle who will be bringing along Rene Vaz, Bryce Helms, and Karl Adams, and there’s also talk of Chris Dore.

KIllwell Sports who are planning to have Alex Waller (Trippin on Trout) in attendance.

Flytackle NZ Ltd – Represented by well-known North Island angler and co-owner Andrew Burden

Hunting & Fishing (Tower Junction)

Canterbury Fly Fishing Club 

Also, we have secured Chef Tony Smith from Trout Fisher Magazine, who will be doing some cooking demonstrations.

There are also a number of other presenters and exhibitors who we are hoping to secure, and not forgetting Rangiora Lions, who will again be providing the BBQ and a couple of coffee carts.

Keep an eye out on the North Canterbury fish & Game Facebook page for more info.

Sea-run salmon surveying underway

Fish & Game Officer Emily Craig, left, counting sea-run salmon at Manuka Point.

Every year Fish & Game estimate the total run sizes of our sea-run salmon on our main rivers.

Those surveys are underway currently to estimate the 2022/2023 run size. 

The estimates are based on spawning numbers observed in the annual aerial counts and the angler harvest information that we gather through your Sea Run Salmon Season Bag card returns

Remember to get your card information to us by May 7th so your info counts! 

Rangers competition

Fish & Game Officer Harry Graham-Samson congratulates spot prize winners at Friday's Rangers Competition.

Almost 90 anglers braved the rain (and earthquakes) and took part in the Annual Rangers Fishing Competition at the Waimakariri River Mouth last Friday.

My colleague Emily Craig sourced some fantastic prizes from our generous sponsors for the event, with  $3000 worth of spot prizes handed out from Hunting & Fishing Tower Junction & North Canterbury, Kilwell, Desolve Supply Co, Hunters Element, Stoney Creek, and Amazing Baits.

The competition is more of an opportunity for anglers to come together, catch up with old friends and create new friendships, enjoy a sausage from the BBQ, and celebrate the great opportunities we have to go fishing in the region.

Special thanks also to Mike Ager for keeping the barbeque running all day to warm anglers up with a selection of sausages from Hellers just down the road.

Winter fishing

Dwayne Aberhart with his 13-pounder from the Coleridge lakes.

Dwayne Aberharts entry in the Fishing Licence Photo Competition is a timely reminder of the winter fishing opportunities in the region.

Last season we put together this video on some handy tips for winter fishing.

Winter is a great time for fishing, don't be put off by the cold weather, be sure to check out our lakes and river that are open and experience some great fishing.

You can check which rivers and lakes are open here.

Tight Lines

Richie Cosgrove, North Canterbury Fish and Game Officer.

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