Reel Life April 2022

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 22/03/2022

Reel Life April 2022

Waipa River Access

The land downstream of Toa Bridge on the Waipa River is primarily private until you reach the council metal pit (three kilometres below the bridge).

The two landowners on this section of the river have been justifiably upset with anglers illegally crossing their land without permission, and so are we.

This sort of behaviour can ruin access for other anglers for decades and is unacceptable.

Above right: Walking Access map showing privately owned riverbed.


Landowner's homes marked with black dots.

Staff have been working with the landowners, and they have agreed to grant access on a case by case basis for those who ask in person.

Restoring access to this section of the Waipa is a huge benefit to anglers, so please ask nicely as this is a privilege, not a right.

If you wish to fish from the council metal pit upriver to the bridge, please ask both landowners listed on the picture left.

Are you ready for the Roar!

Many of us put down our rod and pick up a rifle in April, but even if you don't hunt, it is a good idea to be prepared for the roar.

There will be lots of extra traffic in the backcountry, so the huts will be well used, and helicopter companies will be busy.


Staff member Adam Daniel with a river stag.

If you're planning a trip, avoid high traffic areas like the Pureora, Tongariro National Park and the catchments east of Taupo.

Most importantly, be safe; April is not the time of year to go fishing with your antler hat on.

If you go into the backcountry, take some brightly coloured clothing like a blaze orange hat or vest.

If you are going to camp out for the roar, don't forget your rod.

Most North Island high elevation rivers are very productive through the entire roar.

So rather than sitting around at camp at mid-day, take a fishing break; you never know what you may hook into.

Tight Lines

Dr Adam Daniel, Auckland Waikato Fish & Game

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