Reel Life April 2023

  • Northland
  • 19/04/2023

Reel Life April 2023

Wilsons Dam 

Wilson's Dam has a persistent algal bloom outbreak which is potentially toxic to animals.

As a precautionary measure, Whangarei District Council has erected signs informing the public not to contact the water or eat the fish caught in the dam. 

While the algal bloom reduces over the winter it is still present in the lake and comes back over the summer period.

Trials are currently underway with increased aeration and applying an additive to help reduce the persistence of the harmful algae.

While results are still inconclusive there is hope that both these methods will reduce bloom in the future. 

Whau Valley Dam 

Access to the dam has been closed due to ground movement near the access road.

An assessment will be carried out in the near future to ascertain if the road can re-open. 

Lake Manuwai

Fish and Game staff, along with counterparts in DOC and NRC, will be carrying out a second netting operation to ascertain if Rudd are in the lake.

The first netting operation did not detect any Rudd present, but further work is needed as this is a large storage reservoir 

Lower Wairua River

The lower Wairua River is open to fishing year-round and makes an interesting winter trout fishing destination.

There are several access points, including Jordon Valley Road, SH15, Pipiwai Road and Matarau Road.

While most of the river has now been straightened and confined to stop banks, there still is a good resident population of rainbows and browns. 

Northland Trout Liberations 

Trout fingerlings are to be released in the dams in late May to replenish these stocks.

Whau Valley is especially popular with anglers as it is very close to town and accessible. 

Tight Lines

Graham Gallaghan, Northland Fish and Game.

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