Reel Life December 2023

  • Northland
  • 21/12/2023

Reel Life December 2023

The headwaters of the Wairua River are in good condition for this time of year and are still producing fish.

There are several accessible streams that are close to town with many access points along their reaches. 

The Waiotu stream is 25 minutes North of Whangarei with its origins in the Russell State Forest.

Known to hold browns and rainbows this small, indented and technical stream will challenge the skill of most angles.

There is a lot of timber in the waterway creating log jams but also providing ebbs that the fish hide behind.

Short casting techniques with nymphs or spinning with small-bladed spinners or soft baits produce results. 

The Kaimamaku River, 20 minutes North of Whangarei is located along Old Russell Road, Whakapapa.

This small stony-bottomed stream is a delight to fish on summer evenings.

Slightly more open than the Waiotu but it is still best to walk in the river channel rather than to clamber along the banks.

All methods work well in here.

Small woolly buggers of any colour work well as well as most varieties of lures. 

In low flows, the waters of these streams usually have a bit of colour in them.

Because of this, casting to visible fish is difficult.

What works best is to cast your lures into the likely parts of the river and wait for a strike.

As the water warms up the fish will move out of the shallower riffles and into the deeper pools. 

Northland Fish and Game is always after catch data of the fish caught ie: Weight and length. 

Please contact the office with this information to go into the draw for a whole-season fishing licence, or share to our Facebook page.

Graham Gallaghan, Northland Fish & Game

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