Reel Life December 2020 – Fishing tips for the summer holidays

  • 16/12/2020
  • Richie Cosgrove

Reel Life December 2020 – Fishing tips for the summer holidays

Merry Christmas to all members of our angling community.

The time has arrived where you have the chance to relax, go for a fish and try and add trout or salmon to the holiday season dinner menu.

This issue of Reel Life has loads of helpful hints and tips to improve your chance of success over the holiday season.

If you are struggling for gift ideas, don’t forget you can buy a licence for family or friends so they can come a share in the wonderful fishing New Zealand has to offer.

If you are away from your home region and struggling for places to fish, don’t forget our easy guide to fishing available here.

The regional sections above are packed with helpful info; like Southland’s ten quickfire tips for fishing, so don’t be afraid to explore this issue and reap the benefit of the knowledge Fish & Game staff have of their fisheries.

During the summer there may also be workshops that you can attend, like Eastern Region's Boat fishing workshop.

Another handy source of info for anglers in the Wellington, North Canterbury and Central South Island regions is their Weekly Fishing Reports, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out if living in or travelling to those regions.

Angling guru Hugh Creasy’s wise words in his monthly column are available here.

Don’t forget to do your bit to keep aquatic pests at bay this summer by remembering to Check Clean and Dry between waterways.

And remember every bridge you cross is a fishing opportunity.

Merry Christmas

The Team at Fish & Game NZ

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