Reel Life December 2021

  • Southland
  • 19/11/2021

Reel Life December 2021

Five fantastic fishing access points – Aparima River

As mentioned in the last edition of Reel Life, we will be profiling some great access points on our major rivers with each monthly edition of Reel Life.

This month, we want to highlight the fantastic fishing opportunities that exist on the Aparima River.

From the headwaters in the Takatimu Mountains down to the estuary at Riverton, the Aparima provides various fishing options and is well suited to fly, spin and bait fishing.

Working our way upstream, here are five top access points:

1.) Whitegates – Carmichael Road

Located a few kilometres upstream from the bridge near Gummies Bush, the Whitegates access point has easy access and good trout populations. You will know you are in the right spot if you see the Riverton water intake pumphouse. Spin anglers should use smelt-like soft baits in this area, and fly anglers should use grey ghost or rabbit streamers. In the evenings, it can be worth trying a brown beetle imitation. Above Right:Soft baits work well at the Carmichael Road Whitegates access.

2.) Hazletts

Located at the end of Hazlett Road West, this access point is one where you can drive directly to the river. There is another access point located 400m up the road (Hamilton Road), so there are some great access options in this area.

3.) McIntosh Road

McIntosh Road Aparima spin fishing 2

Spin fishing at the McIntosh Road access on the Aparima River.

The McIntosh Road access point is located on the true left of the Aparima River between Otautau and Fairfax. This is a very scenic spot with good fish numbers. Spin anglers can do very well at this location, especially when the river is slightly discoloured.

4.) Transmission Line Road

The Transmission Line Road Access point is located near Wreys Bush and provides vehicle access to the river. There are some nice gravel beaches to fish from, but it is still worth taking a set of boots or waders so you can cross side braids as required. If you are prepared to get your feet wet, you will open up the potential to explore some great willow-lined pools and backwaters as you navigate your way upstream.

5.) Wreys Bush Mossburn Road Bridge

Chloe Jones fishing Aparima

Chole Jones caught her first trout near Wreys Bush.

Downstream of this bridge is one of our drift diving sites, and I can say from experience, this river section holds good numbers of large trout 1.5-2.5kg. Fish numbers are highest in the run habitat of about 1.5m in depth.

Get the kids out!

Fishing Mcgregor pond group of kids

Success on McGregor Pond for a group of keen young anglers.

We have had some great weather lately, so make sure you get the kids out fishing.

If you are up Te Anau way, McGregor Pond is well worth a visit.

In the lead-up to Labour Weekend, this pond was stocked with around 300 salmon.

A few of them have been caught, but there are plenty left.

You can’t go wrong with a small 7 gm silver ticer lure or a mussel bait.

Please note that this fishery is for child and junior licence holders only.

Good luck!

Cohen Stewart, Southland Fish & Game Officer.

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