Reel Life December 2022

  • Nelson/Marlborough
  • 12/12/2022

Reel Life December 2022


Recently, we carried out a helicopter release of 600 1kg rainbow trout into the Branch & Leatham Rivers.

The fish were liberated into the top half of each river, and will filter down through the catchment over time.

We also added a further 100 by vehicle into the lower Leatham.

This river catchment is a fantastic destination – a place to catch feisty rainbows in crystal clear mountain water, and perfect for newer anglers learning the ropes or seasoned campaigners alike.

With multiple DOC huts along a recently upgraded 4WD road, why not head up for a night and introduce someone new to fishing?

Above Right: 700 rainbow trout have just been released into the Branch and Leatham rivers.


The perennial favourite Lake Argyle tag comp is on again this summer.

200 tagged fish will be released this week and we have 20 prizes up for grabs, with two $500 Henderson’s vouchers, rod/reel combo’s, free licences, and lure packs.

To enter, simply:

1. catch a tagged fish at Lake Argyle,

2. record the number or take a photo,

3. drop us a line via Facebook, email or by phone and let us know the tag number

4. we’ll tell you if you’re a winner!

We also released a tanker load of untagged fish into the lake last week.


Darren Lyle Fish Lake

The Sedgemere Tarns have been fishing very well so far this season, as shown by Darren Lyle.

The road into Molesworth via Rainbow Station is now open until Easter.

The road is in good shape, and the fishing at the Sedgemere Tarns has been very good.

Around this time of year is a fantastic time to fish the tarns, terrestrial surface activity is great, and the water temperatures are still cool, meaning you’ll find fish cruising the edges and performing aerial manoeuvres in pursuit of adult damselflies.

Of course, you’ll be driving alongside the Upper Wairau, which has some great fishing options.

Please remember to grab your endorsement (free off the Fish & Game website) and use the voluntary beat system.

If you see a car parked at any of the designated carparks, leave that beat to them and go further upstream – there is plenty of water for everyone.

The road toll is now $60, to be paid at the old Rainbow Homestead.


Both the junior-only ponds and adult/family pond has been stocked up with rainbows in time for the holiday season.

The junior ponds are now open to the public.


From the team here at Nelson Marlborough Fish & Game, we wish you a happy and safe festive season.

See you out there this summer.

Jacob Lucas, Nelson Marlborough Fish & Game

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