Reel Life February 2021

  • Taranaki
  • 17/02/2021

Reel Life February 2021

The recent southerly blow resulted in a moderate fresh in the south and central Taranaki ringplain streams and a significant drop in water temperatures in all waterways.

This is good news for the trout fishery and late summer/autumn fishing, with reduced riverbed algae and rejuvenated fish.

The period from late February through to the end of April is often some of the most productive of the year and with last season cut short with the nation-wide lockdown that began on 25th March, there is every incentive to make the most of autumn 2021.

At present, trout will be looking to the surface to take wind-blown cicada, passion-vine hoppers and grasshoppers and imitations cast to feeding fish or drifted down foam-lines should be well received.

A bushy dry fly with a small nymph dropper will also be a good rig to try.

Above Right:Tarn Mack-McEwen admires a nicely coloured late February ringplain brown (photo Curly McEwen).

Taranaki Region fishing information

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Tight Lines

Allen Stancliff, Taranaki Fish & Game Officer.

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