Reel Life February 2024 - Auckland Waikato

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 26/02/2024

Reel Life February 2024 - Auckland Waikato

Lake Arapuni health warning has been lifted

The algal bloom at Lake Arapuni was short-lived and the health warning has been lifted. 

More importantly, the Arapuni Fishing Contest is on March 16th and 17th at Bulmers Landing.

Please see the poster for more information.

Ollie Bassett with fish on before the Whakapapa drift dive survey

Good fish numbers in the Whakapapa

Staff have just completed the Whakapapa drift dive and found good fish numbers and some solid habitat despite the low water.

Ollie Bassett assisted with the drift dive and made a great YouTube video about the fish survey.

The river had a high number of large fish in the bolder runs and plenty of small rainbows to keep the population healthy for years to come.

Staff member Adam Daniel in the Kauaeranga River

Kauaeranga River drift dive

The Kauaeranga River has a highly variable trout population that can be decimated by flooding and high water temperatures.

Staff member Adam Daniel and Ollie Bassett conducted a fish survey recently and found the river very low and warm.

The stream was so low that drifting was not possible but there were a surprising number of fish surviving in small pools that were cooled by groundwater and a small number of well shaded tributaries.

About 60 trout were counted in the 1 km survey.

Most fish were very small, but there were several legal fish in tinny pools. 

The Kauaeranga may not be a destination trout stream, but it does offer great camping, swimming and hiking.

If you find yourself in the area it is well worth going for a fish in the evening but be prepared to stock fish in small shallow pools.

New Trout Habitat Map

Updated trout habitat and trout spawning habitat maps were just finished for the Waikato Region. 

The maps are published to inform parties conducting river works or applying for resource consents of the region's designated trout habitat, but the maps are also useful for anglers. 

If you document trout spawning this winter please let us know.

Take a photo and note the location then send the info to

Tight Lines

Dr Adam Daniel, Auckland Waikato Fish & Game.

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