Reel Life January 2022

  • 8/12/2021

Reel Life January 2022

Merry Christmas from the team at Fish & Game.

The holiday fishing season looks great, with all the info pointing to loads of angling opportunities.

It’s time to relax, and there’s no better relaxation than being out in nature, doing a spot of fishing.

Our expert regional staff around the country have compiled their go-to spots for summer fishing on the links above, click through and check out their hints and tips for the summer.

There is loads of useful up-to-date information to help you have fishing success on the links above.

Remember to check out our trout fishing made easy pages on the Fish & Game website too, it’s packed full of tips and tricks for the holiday season.

All our staff say this summer is the one to make sure you always have a rod in the car with you.

If you are just getting into trout fishing this summer, you don’t need a lot of expensive gear to catch trout. Check out this video; you might be surprised with how little you need to get started.

For those getting into fly fishing, outdoor adventurer Matt Butler has posted some helpful tips for new fly anglers on his blog here.

Above all enjoy yourself this summer holiday season

Merry Christmas

The Team at Fish & Game NZ

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