Reel Life January 2022

  • Taranaki
  • 8/12/2021

Reel Life January 2022

Rivers in good shape for summer angling

Recent freshes have cleared out accumulated streambed algae and restored base-flows in ringplain streams, setting them up well for fishing during the Christmas break.

As water temperatures are now rising steadily, fishing in the morning before the heat of the day or visiting the middle and upper reaches of streams will be most productive.

To check on ringplain river flows and water temperatures, visit

Above right: Jack Ogden with a cracking ringplain rainbow.

Ruapehu rivers have had several minor freshes so far in December, and they should also be in excellent condition for angling.

Flow information for a selection of Ruapehu district rivers, including the Whanganui, Makotuku and Mangawhero, can be found at

For more information on the Taranaki Region’s fishing opportunities, go to and click on the “Taranaki ringplain”, “Whanganui’ or “Ruapehu” links.

Scout den release

TRL2Dec21 Sean Robinson with a rainbow from the Scout Den pool. Photo Caleb Robinson

Sean Robinson, with a rainbow from the Scout Den pool he caught nymphing with his new fly rod. Photo Caleb Robinson

The annual release of rainbow trout into the Scout Den pool in the Patea River in King Edward Park, Stratford, has been completed for another year.

Fish & Game’s Hawera hatchery raised some beautiful fish which were periodically released over four weeks starting on November 11.

Overall, there were 217 trout released into the pool.

These fish are big, some already over 2 kg and ready for the dinner plate.

With the recent freshes in the Patea River, there will still be fish in the pool.

However, some will have moved up and downstream by now, so it is worth a go trying some other spots along the river.

The holiday period will be a great time to explore parts of the upper Patea River via the Carrington Walkway.

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All the best for Christmas from the team at Taranaki Fish & Game.

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