Reel Life March 2021

  • Southland
  • 19/03/2021

Reel Life March 2021

Have you been to the backcountry yet?

In a typical fishing season, many international anglers would be visiting Southland and they love to head into our backcountry and explore the fantastic fishing we have on offer.

This year, however, as we all know, there are no international anglers about so our remote, internationally renowned backcountry fisheries are receiving a lot less pressure.

This provides a fantastic opportunity for Southland anglers to grab their fishing gear, explore our more remote fisheries and have very little chance of encountering other anglers.

The feeling of remoteness and having a backcountry river all to yourself can really add to the angling experience.

If you haven’t explored some of Southland’s more remote fisheries yet, we suggest you give it a crack this month.

March and April are great months for fishing as the trout are typically in great condition having fed up large all season and the weather is normally more settled.

If you need some ideas on where to go, check out these great options.

Eglinton River

The Eglinton runs along the edge of the Milford Road.

Crystal clear water, spectacular scenery, easy access, and good fish numbers. Some walking between pools is required. All legal methods are allowed with lightly weighted soft baits being particularly effective.

Above: A well-conditioned rainbow trout from the Eglinton River.

Clinton/Worsley River

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The scenery on offer in the Clinton Valley – photos don’t do it justice.

These Lake Te Anau tributaries are balloted fortnightly and provide awesome scenery and great fishing for both rainbow and brown trout.

For more info click here.

Upper Oreti

Located north of Mossburn, a backcountry experience with easy access and the potential to fish for large brown trout.

Recent drift dive diving results show high numbers of large brown trout.

For more information on the upper Oreti voluntary fishing beat system, click here:

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Exploring the upper Oreti near the Three Kings.

If you want to fish some of our Fiordland rivers (i.e.Clinton and Worsley) you will need a clean gear certificate.

The clean gear certificate procedure helps prevent the spread of unwanted aquatic pests.

Click here for more details. or contact the Southland Fish and Game office (03 215 9117).

Good luck!

Tight lInes

Cohen Stewart, Southland Fish & Game.

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