Reel Life March 2021

  • Wellington
  • 19/03/2021

Reel Life March 2021

It has certainly been a month of abundance in the lower North Island – superb trout numbers, wonderfully conditioned fish and some of the best surface feeding activity we’ve seen in years.

The cicadas are still going in some pockets but that will taper off as the temperatures start to fall, however, the caddis hatches are still coming off in clouds on calm evenings, particularly on the Ruamahanga and its tribs.

The cooler evening temperatures and shorter days we're now experiencing will flick a switch and cue trout that spawning time is approaching.

Subsequently, the fish should soon be starting to move towards their natal spawning streams.

You might notice fish starting to school up, chase each other around instead of feeding, and getting more aggressive and territorial. These are all indications that they're moving into breeding mode.

April now means a shift in your angling techniques and is a month when streamer fishing and spinning can really pay dividends as aggressive fish snap at any lure within range.

The last month of the full season may be cooler but the angling action remains hot! Get into it.

Hamish Carnachan, Wellington Fish & Game Officer/Communications Officer

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