Reel Life March 2022

  • Wellington
  • 22/02/2022
Wellington Region
Superb Fishing Despite Trying Weather

Between bouts of rain the fishing has been sensational with excellent terrestrial hatches in some parts of the region (Copyright: Hamish Carnachan)

Recent deluges have presented challenging fishing conditions at times but the extra flow from all the rain has been great for keeping the rivers in top condition, removing algal growth and helping keep water temperatures down.

This has made for active trout that have continued to feed throughout the day, rather than shutting down during the heat as can be the case when rivers get low and warm.

The rain has also increased soil moisture, facilitating excellent cicada hatches and an abundance of grass hoopers – far more than we’ve seen in previous seasons. The humid air has also provided ideal conditions for mayflies and caddis.

So, despite the rivers sometimes being blown out, they are clearing quickly and the upshot of all the rain is a season of superb dry fly angling.

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