Reel Life March 2024 - Taranaki

  • Taranaki
  • 21/03/2024

Reel Life March 2024 - Taranaki

All rivers and streams currently remain at their summer low flow levels.

There has been the occasional minor to moderate fresh, but flows have quickly returned to base levels.

In the medium and smaller streams, this means trout are largely present in the pools and deeper runs where they can be sight-fished to on their feeding lies or when cruising a beat.

However, a careful approach is required in sections receiving repeated use over the season, particularly in respect of brown trout.

Local expert, Michael Bakker, recently commented that “the fish are smart and angler-wise – a fine tippet and a 4wt rod did the trick and the angler was well camouflaged too!”

Michael also said, “If possible, keeping out of the river also helps as turning over stones can send the alarm bells ringing”. Great advice and challenging, but very rewarding fishing.

Above: A lovely late summer ringplain brown-photo Michael Bakker

Winter Season

April signals the last month of the summer fishing season so be sure to make the most of the sections that close on April 30.

Winter season licenses are available from the 1st of April and although there is less water to fish, due to sections closing to protect trout spawning, the areas that remain open do produce some good fishing and are definitely worth a try.

For example, the entire Manganuioteao River mainstem remains open until June 30 and the river downstream of Ruatiti Road Bridge is open all year.

Check the regulation guide to see which river sections close on April 30th. Taranaki anglers can also purchase a winter season licence to fish rivers like the Awakino (just over the boundary in the Auckland/Waikato Region), which is open until June 30 or experience the great fishing available in the Eastern Region’s Rotorua lakes through to September 30.

Tight Lines

AllenStancliff, Taranaki Fish & Game

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