Reel Life November 2023

  • Hawke's Bay
  • 23/11/2023

Reel Life November 2023

December will see dropping flows, increasing water temp and more active trout

October and November have seen positive but mixed angler reports. River and fish condition have been variable. 

Headwater reports are indicating a successful spawning season in 3 of our 4 main systems which in time will replenish our populations downstream.  

All mainstems tend to dirty after minimal rain but don’t let this put you off - go exploring and try a new river or tributary.  

River Updates 

The Tuki Tuki system is fishing well, with plenty of fit 2-3lb fish being caught, with reports of catches from the mouth, to well into the Ruahine Ranges.

Some sections are full of gravel, with not much holding water, but don’t let this put you off the whole system.  

The Ngaruroro headwaters and tributaries are fishing well with reports of typical early-season rainbows in fair numbers.

We have heard from anglers having success from the mid-sections up to the Boyd hut area.

The lower river has a fair amount of silt and mixed access but this will improve with time.  

The Mohaka headwaters and tributaries are fishing superbly with good numbers of well-conditioned browns and rainbows.

The lower and mid sections are quite the opposite, which are holding a lot of silt and very limited access. 

The Tutaekuri and Northern Hawkes Bay catchments have been the hardest hit.

Lots of soft silt and low insect and trout numbers. 

The Game Farm

A number of open days have seen over 150 people through the doors and a good number of fish caught and cooked from our stocked ponds.

A great and easy way to introduce new anglers to the sport.

Thanks must go to volunteers and staff for the groundwork and time put into these. 

Regulation Changes

The daily bag limit of trout has been reduced to 1 trout per person per day for all of Hawkes Bay waters  (except The Twin Lakes) – we see this as a short-term measure as at the time these were set, we still had high and dirty rivers post-cyclone, and unknown levels of trout lost. 

We appreciate the lower bag limits will be frustrating to some anglers, but felt we must strike a balance between angler expectations and preserving some breeding stock as best we could, to replenish our fisheries as quickly as we could; wherever possible with wild-bred fish.


Angler Access is mixed – some driving access has been destroyed and plenty of repair work is still being done by councils and land owners – If in doubt go and have a chat with the landowner.

We have a plan to update and replace all access signage. 

2023 Fishing Surveys

Please help us gather information and complete the below form on your fishing sessions. 

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 Keep an eye on the “Hawkes Bay Fish and Game” Facebook page for further updates.

Tight lines

 Kerry Meehan, Hawkes Bay Fish & Game

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