Reel Life November 2023

  • Northland
  • 23/11/2023

Reel Life November 2023

Whau Valley Dam Fishing Well

Northlands' most accessible fishery, the Whau Valley Dam is fishing well currently.

Located in suburban Whangārei, the dam is a great option for a before or after-work session.

With parking available directly adjacent to the water it is also a handy place to take the kids.

The 2022 liberation of fish are showing up in reported catches and has evidently had excellent growth rates.

Released as yearlings at 15-20cm in length, these fish are now around 45cm and over a kilo in weight.

Above Right: The fillets off a recently caught Whau Valley rainbow ready for the smoker.

As the photo will show, the flesh on these fish is of superb eating quality and they are delicious fresh out of the smoker. 

The fish tend to cruise the lake margins to feed so are within easy reach of all methods.

A floating fly line with a small Mrs Simpson, Kilwell No1 or Hamills Killer retrieved slowly is effective, and darker flies such as a Scotch Poacher and Black Marabou are good in low light.

Bait fishing is also taking fish, try a worm or supermarket prawn fished under a float.

A simple bait fishing rig is easily prepared – all that is required is a float, a short length of 6 or 8-pound trace and a split shot sinker.

Remember, if you catch a fish in Northland this season report the location, length, weight and fin clips (if any) to Northland Fish and Game and go in the draw to win a free 2024-2025 Adult Whole Season Licence.

The winner will be drawn in September 2024.

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