Reel Life November 2023

  • West Coast
  • 22/11/2023

Reel Life November 2023

Coast Experiencing Optimum Conditions

The West Coast is currently experiencing optimum conditions for trout fishing.
All these warm days combined with the occasional bit of rain; fishing has been superb.

Lakes temperatures are sitting around 16 °C, which is ideal for feeding trout.

Compliance over November has been busy with high numbers of anglers encountered and plenty of reports coming in about the excellent fishing.

Following recent hot summers, one could expect the trout in our lakes to be looking below parr but we are pleased to report that the trout are exceeding our expectations, with plenty of great condition fish coming to the net.

Perch fishing is starting to pick up as things warm up but if you are after a new personal best, spring is a fantastic time to secure one, so get out ASAP.

For more information on perch fishing, check out our Perch Fishing Tips video.

As for salmon, there have been reports of plenty of lake salmon about, with some exceeding the minimum size of 450mm so that is fantastic news for seasons to come.

As for sea-run salmon, the first rumours of a capture are circulating and with sea conditions now much more favourable than in recent years, hopefully in the coming months we will reap the rewards!

The Greymouth Guides group “Rangers”.

Fishing with the Greymouth Guides

The Greymouth Guides group “Rangers”.

The Greymouth Guides group “Rangers” most of which were first-time anglers aged 12-14 met with staff this month to experience the thrill of fishing.

Leader Joanne reached out to us to support the session to help the novice Anglers understand the basics of fishing, tips, and tricks and of course, the rules surrounding sports fish.

A great informative evening was had by everyone with plenty of successful fishing by all.

Catch of the day a Brown Trout caught by Emma Newton.

One angler thrilled with her experience stated, "This is the best guides session we've ever had.”

Upcoming Events

The annual Lake Brunner Fishing Competition is taking place from December 1st to the 3rd, and as part of it, Fish & Game are running an educational family fishing skills and information session.

The skills and information session will be held on Saturday 2nd of December, at 2 p.m. at the Moana Boat Ramp.

This event is for any angler who wants to increase their success but especially new anglers and younger anglers (that must be accompanied by an adult).

All fishing methods will be discussed, and advice will be given as well as the opportunity to ask a local Fish & Game officer about other spots in the region.

Please register your interest on our Facebook event by clicking on this link or email to be kept updated.

If you cannot make the event but are after a few tips, click here to check out the Lake Brunner Fishing Secret Video.

Basics of Fly Fishing Course at the Taramakau River SH6 Bridge south side access point. From 10 am till 2 pm on Sunday the 10th of December.

We are running a session to teach all the fly fishing basics - covering everything from casting and fishing techniques to setting up your rod and recommended beginner fishing locations.

The event will be run by West Coast field officer Baylee Kersten with potential assistance from a few other experienced anglers if there is high attendance.

Please bring a packed lunch and a deck chair for a great day riverside.

The event will be weather-dependent, so be sure to check in the day prior for a postponement.

Please register your interest on our Facebook event by clicking on this link or email to be kept updated. 

Field Work Update

Dan and Koen electric fishing in a Mawheraiti research stream.

Our first round of electric fishing in the Mawheraiti Research streams was completed this month.

Below-average numbers of juveniles were present from this winter’s spawning.

The combination of some spring floods and low numbers of adult spawners likely resulted in fewer young.

The good news is that numbers were still reasonable, with the average set pretty high after some recent exceptional years.

Although these trout currently weigh around 1 gram, they will quickly grow becoming a good catchable size in two years.

Summer marks the start of the annual drift dive season.

Last year’s results can be found on the website for those interested along with all our other reports.

If there are any experienced divers out there who are keen to assist with our drift diving program, please get in touch by emailing: 

Hope to see you out there!

Baylee Kersten, West Coast Fish & Game Officer.

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