Reel Life October 2022

  • Northland
  • 20/10/2022

Reel Life October 2022

The flooding events over the opening weekend have made fishing in some of our river systems difficult with high and discoloured water.

However, recently, water levels have dropped, and clarity improved.

Spring and early summer are the best time to fish in Northlands waterways before excessive weed growth and temperatures increase.

The Whau Valley dam is producing some nice fish at the moment as there seems to be a good supply of food around.

Soft baits are the go-to tackle and are producing results.

This is a fantastic little fishery as its close to town, accessible and produces fish.

With day length increasing it’s a great spot to go to after work to try your luck.

Kaimamaku River

This is one of our most assessable streams with multiple angler access points along Old Russel Road.

All stretches fish well. If spinning slow retrieving lures like veltic or Rapala work well.

The stream flows into the Whakapara river and heads downstream to the SH1 road bridge.

This section also fishes well while casting amongst the weed beds.

Mangahahuru Stream

NTHRLOCT2This small stream originates in the Glenbervie forest, with both rainbows and browns present.

The most productive stretch is between the SH1 road bridge and the forest entrance on Main Road.

The stream holds fish lower down, but the riverbed has been modified and straightened and so is less picturesque.

Access points are at Apotu Road, SH1, Main and Mower Road.

As it gets a bit tight in the headwaters, small, lightweight gear is recommended.

Tight Lines

Graham Gallaghan, Northland Fish & Game

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