Reel Life October 2023

  • Northland
  • 19/10/2023

Reel Life October 2023

During the last year, Fish and Game staff have conducted fish surveying on two of the stocked reservoirs to determine growth rates (Manuwai and Wilsons dam).

There are indications that the extreme weather has impacted on the ecology of the dams and has limited trout growth rates.

We are intending to adjust stocking protocols to ensure that well-conditioned fish are produced.

In spite of this, recent reports of catches have shown an increase in condition factor.

The trout fingerlings released in May are now up to legal size from the Whau Valley Dam.  

So hopefully the trout will continue to grow well leading into summer.

Above and Right, a nice fish from the Whau Valley Dam.

Rapala-style lures are working well for spin fishers and wet flies like Mrs Simpson, Rabbit and Red Setter are also producing results.

The rivers and streams have cleared up considerably and are fishable at the moment.

We are currently updating access information to our river fishing spots throughout the region.

These will be uploaded to the new website in the near future.

Tight Lines

Graham Gallaghan, Northland Fish & Game.

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