Reel Life October 2023

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 19/10/2023

Reel Life October 2023

Above Right : The Tirau Domain

Lots of fish in the Waikato and our streams are looking good

Staff have just been in the field and our rivers are in good shape ahead of the long weekend.

During the spring there are plenty of trout in the Waikato from Mercer upriver.

It is a great time of year to spin fish with soft baits under the willows in the evening along the Waikato.

There are plenty of fish to be caught and a lot of river to fish in Hamilton.  

This is a great time of year to get out there before the summer rush.

It is true that fish remember getting hooked and will get spookier as they see more anglers.

Keep in mind fish are spread out when it is cold so keep moving.

With the long weekend approaching the spring creeks will be in good condition making for an easy stop over at the Bule Springs Walkway or the new Tirau Domain.

Please keep an eye out for poaching

Fish and game staff would like to thank the South Waikato angler who reported illegal fishing this week, we are actively seeking the suspect.

One net can destroy a trout population, so we need you to help us stop poaching.

Please be vigilant on our rivers and if you see anything out of the ordinary, please call our office. 

Do not put yourself in danger but if you can get photos or a vehicle rego our staff will follow up.

Gold clam update

MPI have promised to install a single cleaning station on the Waikato River but to date there are no cleaning stations available despite the presence of highly invasive aquatic plants, fish and now gold clams.

It is time for the Waikato Regional Council to step up to protect our waterways and neighbouring districts like Taupō and Rotorua.

Even if the cleaning stations are not in place it is critical that anglers do their part and wash down your boats and let them dry prior to moving to a new waterway as per the MPI website.

Tight Lines

Adam Daniel, Auckland Waikato Fish & Game

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