Reel Life September 2021

  • 30/08/2021

Reel Life September 2021

With only a few weeks to the new season, checking all your gear is in tip-top shape and fit for purpose is top of the list, especially while we have some restrictions due to Covid 19.

Around the country, regional staff are seeing promising signs for the season. As always, the regional links above will offer you the latest information and tips for your local area.

Have a look at their info and start planning your first fishing trip of the season, and remember, our Fish & Game staff are more than happy to take a call and help you plan your fishing adventures.

fathers dayWith Father’s Day this Sunday, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with family (even if it is over zoom) and plan a family fishing trip. You still have time to get dad a fishing licence too.

The benefits of fishing for your wellbeing are widely known, and this year we are saying, “let nature do its thing”. Being in the outdoors and the way fishing can take your mind of other things might be just what you need.

election reel lifeDon’t forget to check you are on the electoral roll for this year’s Fish and Game elections.

All Whole Season Adult Fishing 2020-21 licence holders and all Adult Whole Season Game bird 2021 licence holders are eligible to vote.

If you don’t remember ticking the box when you purchased your licence, get in touch with your regional Fish & Game office for assistance, the roll closes on September 8.

This year, you’ll also see renewed activity around the Check Clean and Dry campaign, with a new slogan, “10 for 10”.

The new information is designed to prevent the spread of lake snow as it is a more robust pest than didymo. So if travelling between waterways and don’t have the opportunity to let your gear dry out, wet all your gear in a 10% detergent for 10 min “10 for 10.”

When your new season licence arrives, remember to check your regulations booklet; not only does it tell you the rules and what’s changed, but if you are looking to explore a new fishing spot, you can be pretty sure that spot is listed in the regulation book.

New regulations for sea run salmon fishing in Canterbury and boat fishing in Rotorua lakes are a must-read if that affects you.


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