Reel Life September 2019

  • 23/09/2019

Reel Life September 2019

Right: Local junior angler Emma Newton utilising the low reaches of a South Westland River. (Photo Glen Newton)

Less than a week to go until our new season opens.

Around the country Fish & Game staff report enquiries about how the season is looking and tips for places to fish.

The simple answer is it’s looking great!

This season will coincide with the school holidays, so it is a perfect opportunity to take the kids out for a fish or to sneak off for a mid-week break.

Fish early in the season should be more easily approached and less likely to be spooked having been left alone by anglers over the winter months.

After a winter of poor to average feeding due to the colder temperatures the fish will now be actively looking for food.

With the warmer temperatures, fish will be taking advantage of the invertebrate larvae that are hatching and landing on the water surface.

With a newseasonanda new licencewithundisturbed waterthis the right formula to get started.

Many lowland and inland waters will be open for the first time since May, which makeit a prime time to give the kids a taste of the season opening.

With daylight savings arriving on Sunday September 29,the additional hour will allow more time to fish the productive evening period.

Lakesandriver mouths are still crowded with fish, soboating on a calm evening is a great way to relax after a hard day’s work.

However, it’s not all easy going when it comes to spring fishing.

There are many challenges that face anglers including the unpredictable water flows brought by spring rain which can make the water turbid, dirty and cloudy.

But this shouldn’t deter you.

Whilst the lower reaches of river can be dirty, the upper reaches of the river can be crystal clear and can be productive with hungry fish feeding hard to improve condition.

There have been reports of mice numbers buildingso don’t be surprised if the fish are bigger than normal in the back country this year.

If you are lucky enough to get one, please send us your opening day photos.

Fishing tips:

The team at Nelson Marlborough Fish & Game have puttogether three videos on fishing their popular Lake Argyle. These tips however are applicable across many waterways, we recommend watching as they can offer a new way of tackling lakes and canals.

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Biosecurity NZ are keen for angler feedback around the check clean dry campaign, they have an online survey they’d like anglers to take part in clink on the link below and go in the chance to win one of five $100 vouchers.

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