Reel Life September 2020

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 18/09/2020
  • Richie Cosgrove

Reel Life September 2020

Get ready! The season is almost here!

If you have not done so already it is time to get your new licence and start planning your summer fishing trips.

A lot of us have been under immense stress this winter and there are not many activities that are more therapeutic than fishing.

Right: A perfect spot to self isolate.

Spring is a great time to get out there for a fish before the busy holiday season and many of our lowland rivers have great fishing before they heat up during the summer.

There will be no better time than this summer for road trip to fish New Zealand’s best trout streams as it may be the last summer we ever get without millions of tourists.

A fishing road trip is a great bonding activity for any family or group of friends, whether it is in a cheap campervan or loading up the family wagon.

Planning a successful fishing trip can be a daunting task but we are here to make it easier for you and we will soon be launching our camping and accommodation guide on the Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game Access web page.

If you need more help do not be afraid to call or email our office for advice, that’s what we are here for: (07) 849-1666 or

We want photos of Lake Whatihua fish


Lake Whatihua with peripheral weed beds.

Parkinson’s Lake was recently stocked with over 100 adult brown trout for those of you that are near Auckland and looking for an easy spot to take kids fishing.

Now is the time to fish the dune lakes before they get too hot, just chuck out a small float with some bait and relax.

Lake Whatihua near Waiuku should also have plenty of fish and if you get one, we want to hear from you.

Lake Whatihua is difficult to fish due to the weed around the edges but it is perfect for a float tube or small kaya if you can be bothered dragging one down the hill.

The lake has not been getting a lot of pressure so please let us know how it goes if you fish the lake.

Prosecution updates

Three unlicensed anglers have been prosecuted recently in the Hamilton district court and all have received fines over $1000 and forfeiture of all their fishing gear.

Staff would like to thank the NZ Police for their help in apprehending two anglers on the upper Waihou that were also charged with drug and weapons offences.

Tight Lines

Adam Daniels, Auckland Waikato Fish & Game.

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