Taranaki Reel Life March 2018

  • Taranaki
  • 27/03/2018

Taranaki Reel Life March 2018

Go fish - before the season runs out

With just a month of the main season left, now’s the time to make those last visits to waters that will close at the end of April for trout spawning.

Tarn Mack-McEwen brings another fish to the net in the Waingongoro River (Photo Curly McEwen).

All streams and rivers are currently in great condition for angling, thanks to a good fresh on March 8 and a minor fresh in northern waters on March 16.

Cooler nights and mild days have also reduced water temperatures down to the 15 – 18 OC range preferred by trout, and fish are now feeding throughout the day, even in the lower reaches of streams.

In rivers like the Waingongoro in south Taranaki, brown and rainbow trout are still taking passion-vine hoppers and other insects in the surface film, and stalking sighted trout with a dry fly on a sunny afternoon can produce some wonderful fishing.

The Patea River running through Stratford is another great place to stalk trout with a dry fly or small nymph.

There is a public walkway on both sides of the river (Carrington Walkway) that provides access to pools and runs that contain both brown and rainbow trout.

TRL2Mar19. A group of keen anglers from Stratford Primary School show of the rainbow trout they caught in the Patea River at Stratford.

A group of keen anglers from Stratford Primary School admire the rainbow trout they caught in the Patea River at Stratford.

Further afield in the Ruapehu district, the Manganuioteao River downstream of the Orautoha Stream confluence will be well worth a visit in April, as fish start to move upstream in preparation for spawning.

There is good access available from the Ruatiti Domain camping area, but otherwise please obtain permission to cross private land to get to the river.

For anglers who haven’t bought a 2017-18 whole season licence, the option of a reduced price winter season licence is available from April 1.

It allows anglers to fish their local rivers to the end of the main season, plus waters that remain open through to 30 September, including the Rotorua lakes – click here

Remember 'Check Clean & Dry'

Please check, clean and dry any clothing, equipment, fishing gear, etc, before moving between waterways to help prevent the spread of didymo and other freshwater pests.

So far Taranaki is didymo-free - let's keep it that way.

For more information click here.

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