West Coast Reel Life August 2018

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  • 30/08/2018

West Coast Reel Life August 2018

Get in early on lowland rivers

A little known secret on the West Coast is that the lower reaches of the rivers fish the best early in the season.

Many wait for November and head up in the backcountry to target fish, totally unaware of the monsters lurking in those lower reaches.

Above right: West Coast estuaries are home to some true monsters of the deep.

Spring fishing down low is fantastic; trout are agressive and in superb condition.

Coasters know this so they get their licences early and target the estuarine and lowland areas from day one of the new season.

They watch in amusement as those from over the hill drive past some superb fishing and then trudge into the depths of the backcountry.

For those looking for a quick easy place for family fishing or folk with limited mobility, the low reaches are the place to be!

Lee Crosswell moves on

Fish & Game staff are sad to see Field Officer Lee Crosswell leave West Coast Fish & Game and move across to the Marlborough area.

Lee was responsible for the West Coast's Reel Life and Both Barrels articles and always put in extra effort to offer advice and support to hunters and anglers.

We wish him and his family the best for their new life away from the coast.

A long time coast resident of over 20 years will join the West Coast Fish & Game team in the next month, and will take over Lee's role - and that includes providing these newsletters.

Extra officer for West Coast team

Early in the new fishing season, West Coast Fish & Game will have an additional full time staff member joining the team.

This officer will be based in the northern part of the region and will concentrate on access issues and compliance with regulations.

This base in the northern part of the region will enable a quick response to any issues and effective monitoring of some of the coast's most popular fisheries.

Tight lines

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