Fishing report for the North Canterbury Region Friday 22nd January 2021

  • North Canterbury
  • 21/01/2021
  • Richie Cosgrove

Fishing report for the North Canterbury Region Friday 22nd January 2021

Hello and welcome to the North Canterbury region fishing report. 

Some heavy rain in the Canterbury headwaters this week has seen a significant fresh come through the main alpine rivers.

All of the salmon rivers are going to be high and dirty leading into the weekend. 

They will probably not become fishable until next week.  There is also some more rain expected in the Canterbury headwaters on Saturday.

The high country is going to have some rough weather this weekend. 

Saturday is forecast for rain and gale force winds. 

Sunday is meant to be better with a Southerly clearance coming through. 

With this forecast the back country rivers are probably going to be marginal for fishing depending on how much rain falls on Saturday.

Sunday would probably be the day to target the high country lakes which have been continuing to fish really well throughout January. 

Plenty of insect activity has seen the trout rising frequently on the calmer waters. 

Spin anglers have been doing well at the lakes by trolling behind kayaks or boats and starting early in the morning.

Currently the lowland and foothill streams are looking really good. 

They have had regular top ups over the Christmas period to keep the flows up.

Check out the photo above of a Canterbury lowland stream. 

The dark smudge in the middle is a nice sized trout, which was taking off the surface occasionally. 

Lowland streams are well worth fishing this year. 

Usually we are worried about salvaging fish at this time of year but for now the flows are good and there are a number of fish like the one pictured around.

Trout like this require light gear.  3-4lb tippet would be the maximum. 

Careful stealth and casting is required from the fly angler. 

While spin anglers would probably have more success in the evenings. 

Often pools like this hold more than one fish but they don’t come out from under the willows until late in the evening. 

This is especially the case on the lower Selwyn and Ashley.

Fish event at the Groynes this Saturday

FGNZ9612AWe have some good news for junior anglers this week. 

Thanks to Team Hutchinson Ford and Mt Cook Alpine Salmon there will be a release of catchable sized salmon into the Groynes fishing lakes. 

Although the weather looks wild in the high country the forecast for Christchurch is warm with some light to moderate North West wind. 

Perfect conditions to spend some time with the kids at the Groynes.

Popular methods at the Groynes include using bait such as shrimp under a bubble. 

This is especially good for the young anglers who struggle to cast and retrieve themselves. 

For those that have got the hang of casting and retrieving, brightly coloured or silver spinners work just as well.

Please remember this is a junior fishery only. 

Adults are welcome to help the children with casting but sole fishing by adults will not be tolerated. 

This is an introductory fishery designed for junior anglers to catch their first fish and develop their angling skills. 

Please respect these rules. 

Please note that the Groynes fishing lakes will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week to let the salmon recover after being transported. 

Fishing will commence again on 9am Saturday. 

Rangers will be patrolling the area in the meantime to let people no there is no fishing until then.

Tight lines.

Tony Hawker, Fish and Game Officer, North Canterbury Fish and Game Council

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