North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report 21 April 2017

  • North Canterbury
  • 21/04/2017
  • Richie Cosgrove

North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report 21 April 2017

With the MetService  forecasting settled weather for this weekend, the prospects for angling are looking good, especially for those making a long weekend out of it by taking Monday off and adding it to Anzac day on Tuesday.

With flows dropping to normal levels following the passing of ex-Cyclone Cook, the Waimakariri River is fishable and the Rakaia River is looking promising.

Right: A visiting family check out the greatly improved Selwyn River at Coes Ford.

The Ashley is still high and muddy however.

The High Country lakes and Back Country fisheries all look good, but as always check the weather forecast before heading up there so you can plan accordingly.

All of the rain has however bought a positive sight that should hearten the hearts of many anglers, the Selwyn River flowing at Coes Ford once again.

Peaking at a flow of 12.8 cumecs on Saturday April 15, the flow is sitting around one cumec at the moment, a huge improvement over the 44 litres a second it had a month ago.

The river gravels look clean and weed that once choked the riverbed has been stripped away, and if the flow can be maintained for the winter, trout should find some suitable habitat for spawning.

FGNZ NC WaimakSalvage004Fish & Game volunteers and staff were out on Waimakariri River on Thursday rescuing salmon and trout trapped when an irrigation scheme turned off its take.

Left: Fish & Game volunteers and staff drag net an irrigation canal to salvage trapped fish.

Unfortunately we were a touch late for most of the fish, but we were able to save some salmon hens and several smaller trout.

If anglers spot fish trapped in pools (highly possible after the large flows of the past week rapidly receeding), or if you are the operator of an irrigation scheme about to shut down, give us a call on 0800 347 426 and we will come out and salvage the fish.

FGNZ NC WaimakSalvage001

Right: A couple of the unlucky ones, these salmon ran out of water, if you spot fish trapped please call 0800 347 426.

Richard Cosgrove

Fish & Game South Island Communications Adviser

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