Weekly Fishing Report - 20 September 2018

  • Wellington
  • 20/09/2018
  • Wellington

Weekly Fishing Report -  20 September 2018

Season Shaping Up Superbly!

The mild winter and lack of significant floods in the lower half of the North Island has the season set up to be an absolute cracker!

The warmer temps will have seen increased insect activity and food availability for fish at a time when the freshwater environment is normally quite dormant. The trout will have subsequently been able to put on condition much faster after the taxing spawning period.

Anglers can expect to encounter fish much heavier – and feistier – than they would usually be at the start of the season.

Pictured above right: Anglers can expect larger and feistier fish than normal at the start of the season. (Credit: Andrew Harding).

Many anglers will head into the backcountry on Opening but there are plenty of other options Andrew HardingTop picks for the opening weeks would be the smaller tributary waters as trout often stay for some time after the spawning period. Tackling large browns and rainbows in tight water is a challenge but also very rewarding.


Many anglers will head into the backcountry on Opening, but there are plenty of other options. (Credit: Andrew Harding)

Obviously, there’ll be plenty of anglers heading to the headwater fisheries that have been closed during the off-season, but don’t discount the lower reaches where ‘sea-run’ or estuarine trout will be dialled in on the whitebait runs and rich food offered in these sections of river.

We’ll bring you more, updated, info with the full suite of weather reports and hot tips next issue. 

Getting Ready For the Season

If you’re in the majority of anglers out there who chuck their gear into the nearest cupboard or dark recess of the garage at the end of the season, chances are it’ll need a littler inspection and upkeep before you hit the water on Opening Day (October 1, 2018). 

  • Check your rod guides to make sure there are no nicks or scratches that could cause line breakage and lost fish.
  • Check the drag on you reel! Apply a little grease if required and remember that reels should always be store with the drag right off.
  • Check your line. Whether its nylon or a fly-line this is your critical connection to a fish. If the nylon is old, brittle or coiled with memory – dich it and replace; same goes for nylon leader. Contrary to penny-pinching opinion, nylon has a limited life.
  • Treat your fly line with an approved cleaner and floatant. Ensure there are no cracks in the coating.  

Most importantly, make sure you have your 2018-19 licence. Buy online here.


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Best Bang For Your Buck!

Don’t get caught short with the wrong licence purchase this season!

Many have previously opted for slightly cheaper licence options but have found their fishing overly limited by where they can and can’t go.

To ensure you have unfettered access to all the water in the Wellington Fish & Game region as well as the rest of New Zealand, make sure you get a Whole Season Licence – it’s by far the best bang for your buck!

Licences are available online now – Click here.
 Backcountry licences image

Backcountry Licences

If you plan to fish the upper Rangitikei River and tributaries in the backcountry fishery area above the Ohinewaione Stream, you need to be aware of important changes that come into force from the start of this season (October 1, 2018).

Wellington Fish & Game has secured public liability insurance for all anglers – to the value of $2,000,000 per angler – to ensure ongoing and unimpeded angler access to the nationally and internationally important Rangitikei River backcountry fishery.

Wellington Fish & Game will underwrite the cost of the insurance but will recuperate it through a $25 fee on the Backcountry Licence Endorsement required to fish the Rangitikei River backcountry fishery. Anglers and guides are reminded they also need the Backcountry Licence Endorsement to fish the Whakaurekou River.

The insurance is needed to meet land administrators’ requirements to cross land to access the river.

From October 1, 2018, the Backcountry Licence Endorsement, and public liability insurance by default, is mandatory for all anglers and guides accessing the Rangitikei and Whakaurekou backcountry fisheries.

Anglers can expect a strong ranger presence, even in the remote headwater reaches of these rivers. Failure to have the Backcountry Licence Endorsement is an offence under the Conservation Act and subject to a maximum fine of $5000, conviction, and confiscation of all equipment.

Wellington Fish & Game will also seek trespass orders for guides and/or helicopter operators who take clients and passengers into the backcountry fishery area without checking they have the appropriate Backcountry Licence Endorsement.

These moves have been made to ensure anglers can continue to access this world-renowned fishery.

You can find out more here.


 Wellington Fish Game is working to develop family fishing opportunities in the lower North Island

 Family Fishing Venues

Submissions on the Otaraua Park Draft Development plan closed July 9. Over 400 submissions were received and a summary document will be made available to the public once the Kapiti Council have collated the results.

Thank you to all those anglers who took the time to submit and support the creation of a (family) fishing pond at the park.

The Wellington Fish & Game Council has been in contact with the Kapiti Council regarding the submissions and review process and will continue to advocate on behalf of anglers.

The Wellington Fish & Game Council has also visited the site of the proposed Otaki Kids Fish-out Pond and met with representatives from Greater Wellington Regional Council and GBC Winstone. A preliminary plan has been agreed upon for the site and it is hoped that work will begin in spring.

Watch this space – we’ll keep you informed of progress.




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