Weekly Fishing Report – Central South Island - 13-02-2020

  • Central South Island
  • 13/02/2020
  • Richie Cosgrove

Weekly Fishing Report – Central South Island - 13-02-2020

If you are heading to the canals this weekend, then Ohau C Canal is the place to target for small but legal-size salmon.

Small salmon have been getting caught there readily since last Friday and there may still be a few about this weekend if you are are lucky.

Every time the canal salmon fishing kicks back into gear we get a few phone calls and emails for clarification of salmon bag limit.

Right: An aerial view of the Ohau C Canal including the new farm installation - Credit R Adams.

This information is listed in your 2019-2020 regulation guide, here is the online version that is available 24/7 on our website.

We also have the regulations listed on our Fish & Game sign positioned near the salmon farm gate on the abutments to the Ohau B Dam outlet (Ohau C Canal) – true left side.

The sign has a measure of the 300mm and 500mm length relevant to salmon catch, so even if you forget your measuring tape you can size up some line or your rod to know the lengths.

Please remember in the CSI Region – there is no minimum size limits for trout but there is for salmon - 300mm.

At the canals the daily bag limit is four sports fish total, as long as:

No more than two are trout and no more than two are salmon greater than 500mm.

That means, when there are lots of small but legal salmon on offer at the canals your total bag limit can be made up of up to four small salmon that are between 300mm and 500mm.

WFR1920.54 The Fish Game regulation sign on the Ohau C Canal

The regulation sign on the Ohau C Canal.

If you need clarification on the regulations don’t go on Facebook, give us a call at the CSI office in Temuka 03 6158400 or email csi@fishandgame.org.nz and get a direct response from one of our staff.

The canals are silty now and will stay that way for some time as there is still silty water pouring into the headwater lakes after the recent rain events.

Although sight fishing is out of the question trout and salmon will find your bait without too much trouble.

The favourite bait of canal anglers is either prawn or shrimp (crustacean), small fish (must be a whole fish) and huhu grubs (insect).

When fishing silty lakes, try clear water areas around inflowing streams and use lures with a lots of movement as trout can detect the vibrations.

Lake Waitaki offers the clearest water of our Waitaki Hydro scheme lakes currently.   

There is still a lot of water to manage through the hydro scheme and Genesis have confirmed that they will be operating the Lake George Scott spill weir releasing water to the Tekapo River over the weekend.

The flows will be changeable, presenting a hazard for riverbed access, and the river is likely to be un-fishable for the foreseeable future.

Most rivers are either in low flow or are dropping back to normal levels and there will be plenty of spots to choose from this weekend.

But, The Waitaki River remains too high today and there is a good chance it will stay that way through the weekend.

Generally, It’s a return to summer conditions after some rain and cold temperatures last week.

The forecast (as of Wednesday morning) is looking good for the weekend everywhere, but a decent front may hit on Sunday evening – keep an eye on that one yourself just in case it turns up early.

If you haven’t been for a salmon fish on the Rangitata River this season, this weekend will provide as good an opportunity as any with fish likely to be spread throughout the river and good water clarity.

Notice board

Waitaki Catchment riverbed weed spraying

ECan are planning to undertake riverbed spraying of weeds like gorse, broom, alder and willow to help manage the flood carrying capacity of the rivers.

The helicopter spraying is likely to occur from mid-February to mid-March, weather and river flow permitting.

Target areas: Tekapo River (delta to Edwards Stream confluence), Pukaki River (Tekapo River confluence up to pylons), Upper Ohau River, Waitaki River (Otekaieke to above Kurow). 

ECan contact: Sam Kidner 027 304 4255.

Tight Lines

Rhys Adams, Central South Island Fish & Game Officer





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