Weekly Fishing Report– Central South Island Region: 15-12-2017

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  • 14/12/2017
  • Richie Cosgrove

Weekly Fishing Report– Central South Island Region: 15-12-2017

Unfortunately the rain we received on Tuesday and Wednesday this week was isolated and sporadic and although some rivers like the Orari or Bowyers jumped up a touch, overall the rain did little to increase the flows in most of our lowland streams.

With delight I can say that there is rain event forecast for Sunday and into early next week so this combined with what we have had already could deliver some short term respite for our lowland waterways.

I have been let down by weather forecasts before though so best not to hang your hat on them.

Saturday should see the fairest weather of the weekend with fishable conditions across the region.

Above Right: The Central South Island region's new aquatic ranger at Boat Harbour, Lake Aviemore.

Small rises in river flows can provide excellent fishing opportunities as invertebrates become active and trout in tow.

Don’t be afraid to retrieve your rain coat from the back of the storage cupboard and spend some time on the river.

In this part of the world, if it’s not blistering sunshine or a sprinkle of rain, its wind and Hamish Stevens and I got a face full of it on Tuesday on Lake Aviemore.

We were down there ticking the final boxes necessary to sign off all the required safety, certification and training standards for operating our brand new Fish & Game boat ‘Kokanee’.

The conditions were testing but the Frewza F16, with 80hp Honda handled the wind-chopped conditions with ease. It also handles well in confined spaces and in close proximity to objects so will be great for boat to boat encounters.

After several years of mid-lake absence, our ranging team looks forward to undertaking licence and regulations checks at the most remote corners and deepest parts of our ever-popular lakes this coming year.

Please remember to carry your licences with you on the boat and we look forward to meeting you on the water and finding out how the fishing is going.

I was up at the canals on Tuesday and it was one of those days where the water was clear, the fish frustratingly active, jumping clean out of the water, and the anglers I checked on hadn’t caught anything.

Lately the canals have been quiet for anglers during the week but that’s all about to change with kids on school holidays and their parents in tow.

Here are a few notes for us to remember when fishing the hydro canals.  

Meridian own and operate the Pukaki and Ohau canals and power stations and Genesis the Tekapo Canal and power stations.

They manage the area as private land, no different than a farmers’ property except you don’t need to visit the farm house to ask for access.

Public toilets are available for anglers at the three Ohau power stations for all hours use, and port-a-loos are located on the Tekapo canal.

Be aware though, that there are no facilities for campervan black waste.

Anglers are reminded too, that no camping is allowed at the canals.

It is really important from a health and safety perspective that anglers obey all health and safety signage around the power stations and structures, as it is there to keep you from harm.

I’d like to reiterate this message with a rhetorical question: wouldn’t it be an unfortunate day when barbed wire fences had to be installed just because a few discourteous anglers ignored signage and barriers and fished from a hazardous area…?

WFR1718.26 Please use these general waste rubbish bins located near the Ohau power station intakesLarge rubbish bins located near the intakes (aka. Head gates, penstocks, walls) of each of the Ohau power stations are available for your general use and that includes fish offal.

Left: Please use these general waste rubbish bins located near the Ohau power station intakes.

While fishing at the intakes take care not to snag your line in the gates as this is causing weed to build up on the gates and increasing their maintenance.

And the most important thing to remember is to be courteous to other anglers encountered and enjoy the experience of being able to fish in such an easily accessible and beautiful part of the country for three species of sports fish of all sizes and shapes.

On the subject of canal, you will recall Genesis let us know that the Tekapo Canal road would be closed on the 19th and 20th of December, this is no longer the case.

There will be closures in the new-year, and we will endeavour to share these with you when possible.

Tight Lines

Rhys Adams, Fish & Game Officer, Central South Island Fish & Game    


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