Weekly Fishing Report - North Canterbury - 25-11-2021

  • North Canterbury
  • 25/11/2021
  • Richie Cosgrove

Weekly Fishing Report - North Canterbury - 25-11-2021

Dear Anglers, What a great time of the year to head out fishing.
Delay that Christmas shopping one more week and instead focus on hitting our amazing rivers and lakes.  
Hopefully, the big rivers will stay clean for the weekend.
There is a bit of weather predicted for the high country so if you can get out on Friday or early Saturday that might be your best bet.
There are some salmon being taken from the Rakaia, although people have been shy about sending through pics to Fish & Game.
Please do and we will share it on the fishing report. 
The Lake Ellesmere/ Te Waihora tribs continue to fish well with pods of fish moving up and down the various systems.
These tribs are best fished in the evening or night-time. Fly anglers are having success with the bigger lures and those of darker colours.
Spinners are reporting good success with black soft baits. If you are heading out during the day the lighter coloured lures are more effective. 
Early in the season, the backcountry fish were looking a bit lean but now anglers are reporting they are starting to improve in condition.
Anglers in the backcountry are reporting they have the place to themselves at present with not many anglers venturing into these areas.
Don't let them get away with that! 
Coleridge is fishing well for salmon.
Reports are that the area called picket fence (at the Harper end of the lake) is a good spot to target.
Last week we reported that you need a good 4WD to get into Ryton Bay (Pictured above), but anglers have assured us that a Subaru Outback would do if driven slowly and carefully.
This is not an aspersion on Subaru Outback drivers (I am one myself).

Notice of Annual General Meeting 

When:  8 December 2021

Time:    6.30 pm

Where: North Canterbury Fish & Game

595 Johns Road, Harewood


For those that want a copy of the Annual Report when it becomes available, please email northcanterbury@fishandgame.org.nz with your name and address.

Have a good weekend everyone
Emily Arthur, North Canterbury Fish & Game Officer

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