Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 03 November 2022

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  • 3/11/2022

Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 03 November 2022

Target The Small Streams This Weekend         

Pictured - John Gordon with a trophy lower North Island backcountry brown in superb condition for so early in the season (Credit: Derek Mickleson)    

A classic spring front is crossing the lower North Island at time of writing, bringing with it gale nor-west winds and rain in the ranges.

This makes for a tricky fishing forecasting, however, with the rain expected to stop this afternoon, we're going out on a limb and picking that there will be some angling on offer over the weekend. 

The most likely opportunities are going to lie in the streams that have smaller headwater catchments and thereby clear faster. 

These waters aren't a bad option early season anyway with many still holding plenty of fish after spawning!

The take-home here is to ensure you check the latest river flows before heading out - That's why we always provide the quick links highlighted below.         

Grab your licence online and let your season of angling adventures begin!         

Here's the outlook for the weekend:


Hutt River and tributaries

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The Hutt is carrying a hint of colour this morning - likely a precursor to what's going to come down from the ranges over the next 12 hours or so. The Akatarawa, Pakarutahi and Whakatikei are looking pretty good but will likely come up more too. The fresh in these smaller streams is likely to be short lived though and they may well be fishable by the weekend.                                    

The Hutt River at Totara Park this morning (Credit: Al Markham)  


Kapiti Coast 

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The WaikanaeOhau and Otaki are all clean and clear but the rain in the ranges will change that quickly. The front is expected to push through this afternoon, meaning there's a good 24 hours for the rivers to drop before the weekend. The smaller rivers are the best bet for later on Saturday. Check the flows first before hitting the water. 

The Otaki River at SH1 this morning (Credit: Phil Teal)



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The Ruamahanga is looking stunning this morning but it's a  blustery day in Wairarapa and unfortunately there's heavy rain in the ranges. This means all the main rivers - including the WaiohineWaingawa and Tauherenikau - will come up and likely stay high for at least 24 hours. The small eastern Ruamahanga tribs could be worth a crack this weekend, including the smaller western streams like the Waipoua and its headwaters.              

The Ruamahanga River at Gladstone this morning (Credit: Hamish Carnachan)


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Windy conditions in this part of the region but the Manawatu River and it's main tribs - the PohanginaŌroua and Mangatainoka - are clear at time of writing. With the amount of rain falling in the Tararua and Ruahine ranges, the rivers will certainly come up. Smaller feeder streams should, however, be an option come Saturday, with prospects for the main rivers improving on Sunday depending on how much rain falls before the front clears this afternoon.                

The Manawatu River at Ashurst this morning (Credit: Matt Kavermann)


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There's already a hint of colour from the rain high up in the Rangitikei River catchment with more still to come. This will likely render the larger rivers unfishable for at least 48 hours, but anglers who scout around may find some clear feeder streams holding trout. There's a chance the Hautapu could be a goer, but check the flow first before embarking on a long drive.           

The Rangitikei River at Pukeokahu this morning (Credit: Horizons) 


Regs Change To Treble Hooks 

New regulations for the 2022-23 season ban the use of treble hooks on waterways where there are maximum size limits on trout i.e., fish over a certain size must be returned. These rivers are identified in Note 3 on page 39 of the regulations book.

This measure was adopted by the Wellington Fish & Game Council to help the survival of large fish, the breeding specimens, when released after being caught.

Please consult the Wellington section of the regulations guide, particularly Note 5 which details where trebles are permitted. All other waters only single hooks are allowed. 


Video of The Week

Andrew Harding and Kyle Adams head into the ranges in the lower North Island in this latest episode of Pure Fly. 

Click the screenshot below to watch.



  • Wellington Fish & Game has been advised of the following dates for flushing flows from the Moawhango Dam:
    13 Dec, 21:00-06:00
    24 Jan, 21:00-02:00
    14 Feb, 21:00-02:00
    14 Mar, 21:00-02:00
    25 Apr, 21:00-02:00
  • Otaki 'Take a Kid Trout Fishing Day - Held at Winston's Lakes Otaki on Saturday, November 19. Registrations through Otaki Hunting and Fishing's Facebook page or phone 06 3648969. Places are strictly limited so get in quickly.   
  • River Bulldozing - Don't get an unwelcome surprise by Greater Wellington Regional Council's river bulldozing ruining your day on the river. The upcoming activity schedule can be found here.
  • Upcoming fishing competitions

    12-13 November 2022: Sport Fly Fishing New Zealand Inc (SFFNZ) Manawatu Regional Competition will take place from Bluff Rd to Kumeroa.

    29-30 January 2023: Sport Fly Fishing New Zealand Inc(SFFNZ) Ruamahunga Regional Competition is to be run 29-30 January 2023 from Kokotau Rd (Gladstone) to Te Whiti Rd (Masterton).

 If you have any information you'd like to have considered for addition to the notice board, please get in touch with us.  

​*This report was accurate at time of writing. For your safety please ensure you check the latest weather and river flow information before you head out on the water.

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