Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 5 November 2020

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  • 4/11/2020
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Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 5 November 2020

The forecast at the moment makes it difficult to predict the weekend's fishing conditions - the only certainty being that there are plenty of really good fish about, so they're there for the taking if the weather permits.   

The key factor is going to be how much rain arrives with the front that will pass over the lower North Island tonight. Presently it looks like the system will deliver a very short, sharp pulse of rain but will otherwise pass over quickly.

This means the rivers should drop quickly, if they do in fact come up, leaving Friday to clear any extra flow and hopefully most of our waterways will be set up for good angling on Saturday. 

So, watch the flows carefully using the links we provide in these reports. Check them regularly and before you leave for the river.

With another front hitting early morning Sunday, Saturday is going to be the day to hit the water. We're getting reports of exceptional fishing and trout in wonderful condition, particularly in the lowland rivers, so do make the most of any opportunity to get out.      

The fishing is running hot - Grab your licence and enjoy the action.  

Pictured: A pool of dreams - Three large browns actively feeding just below the surface in a Wairarapa river (Copyright: Hamish Carnachan)   

Hutt River and tributaries


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The Hutt is still carrying extra flow and will receive more rain this evening. It could be okay by Saturday but it depends on the amount of rain that falls back in the ranges. An orange light at time of writing but don't discount flicking a spinner through if it's too high for fly fishing. A fall back is to check the Akatarawa, Whakatikei or Pakarutahi for Saturday as these tribs will drop faster.         

Kapiti Coast


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The main Kapiti Coast rivers - the WaikanaeOtaki and Ohau - have higher flow but are fishable at time of writing. While there are only showers forecast for the Kapiti Coast, it's the amount of rain that falls in the Tararuas that will determine the chance of fishing this weekend. Best bets are going to be the Waikanae or lower/estuarine reaches of the Otaki.              



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The Ruamahanga is at good fishable flow this morning which means the big tribs will be looking good too. Rain in the ranges is likely to bring the bigger rivers up, so if you are planning on fishing the WaiohineWaingawa and Tauherenikau check the flows closely before heading out. Being early season, and with the weather hitting well back in the western ranges, good prospects this weekend could be the Kopuaranga, Huangarua or Waipoua.           



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The Manawatu and all the main fisheries, including the MangatainokaPohangina and Oroua, and all looking good this morning. The issue is going to be tonight's rain will likely bring them up. The smaller of these tributaries, as well as the little feeder streams, may clear by Saturday. Otherwise, all the surplus trout from the recent Family Fishing Day at Hokowhitu Lagoon have been released and are swimming around waiting to be caught - a great fallback if the rivers are too dirty.      



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The time to hit the Rangitikei is right now! The river is looking great, even down at Mangaweka which hasn't been the case for several weekends now. The rain is going to be heavy back in the Kaimanawa annd Ruahine ranges so expect all the major rivers in this part of the region to be up tomorrow morning.              

Tip of The Week - Rock the Beetles! 

When the weather gets hot and humid like we've experienced this last week, the first insects to arrive on the scene are flies - nuisance blowflies and house flies seem to explode in numbers under such conditions.

From a fishing perspective though, of far more interest are the beetles that soon follow. On a warm settled evening, with a bit of humidity in the air, beetles hatch in masses at this time of year.

TipWeekWR5Nov2020A selection of brown beetle imitations with the natural at right of photo (Copyright: Hamish Carnachan) 


This week we've just had our first brown beetle hatches coming off, in Wairarapa at least. And as I've written previously, this signals a massive feeding opportunity for trout and an exciting event on the angling calendar.

The emergence of brown beetles will start to really trigger the surface-feeding drive in trout and is the first indication the warmer weather is on its way. Fish are now trying to put on condition fast, making the most of the increased invertebrate activity that comes with the warmer ambient and water temperatures. 

Brown beetles make a feast just too good to resist for trout in gluttony mode. The beetles will start hatching out in such numbers in lowland areas that they often fall like rain with their bumbling, clumsy flying... and that means plenty of food dropping into the water. 

WR5Nov2020Tip2 CopyA good Hutt River brown sipping spent brown beetles, floating in a backwater, from the previous evening's hatch (Copyright: Hamish Carnachan) 

Anglers need to fish at night to meet the hatch and the most frenzied feeding activity. Because you're fishing in the dark, having exact imitations isn't critical - size and shape is the key as trout will rise to a silhouette.

Dry fly fishing in the dark presents obvious challenges, and when there are trout rising all around, it can be incredibly frustrating. The trick is to gently lift your rod tip after the normal delay if a fish rises roughly where you think your fly is drifting on the water.

Nine times out of ten there will be no resistance. On the other occasion you'll come up fast into a fish - now the excitement begins! 

And don't discount going out the morning after a good evening hatch of brown beetles - you can get some hot action fishing a 'wee-wet' beetle pattern across and downstream. 

- By Wellington Fish & Game officer Hamish Carnachan.           


Hutt and Tararua Showcase


If you missed the recent Pure Fly TV episode showcasing the Hutt River and a local backcountry fishery, click the screenshot above. 

Anyone from out of town who may have had their interest piqued in fishing the Hutt River can give us a buzz (06-359-0409) and we'll point you in the right direction.

We've also got a heap of resources dedicated towards helping anglers succeed on the Hutt, including a 'How to Fish the Hutt' guide and angler access information.          



Click the screen shot below to go to Horizon's website showing the list of available river webcams.


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​*This report was accurate at time of writing - For your safety please ensure you check the latest weather and river flow information before you head out on the water.

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