Wellington Weekly Report 17 October 2019

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  • 16/10/2019
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Wellington Weekly Report 17 October 2019

While the weekend weather doesn't look too bad, the rain coming through on Friday evening is going to make things interesting as far as picking a fishing spot goes.

Some persistent heavy rain is forecast to fall in the Tararua Ranges and this will likely colour up the larger rivers. Same goes for the southern Ruahines and, unfortunately, the Rangitikei just as it was starting to come right.

The upshot is that the small tributaries are fishing really well at present and these won't be so susceptible to the weather and will clear much faster if they come up.

Saturday evening and Sunday are looking fine and clear so if you can find a small stream with good fishing flow you'll be into the action.

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And please keep the pics and reports coming into us!

Pictured above right: Ollie Bassett with a chunky Mangatainoka rainbow taken last weekend. (Credit - Craig Anderson)      

Here's the outlook:

Hutt River and tributaries


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The Hutt is carrying extra flow from rain over the last few days and while it is dropping, the rain in the ranges tomorrow evening will likely colour it up again. The smaller tributaries are going to be the place to fish over the weekend. Just check the flows before you head out.   


Kapiti Coast


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The Waikanae, Ohau and Otaki are looking good today and would be well worth fishing tomorrow before the rain coming in from the Tasman hits on Friday night. You'll likely see the main rivers rise after the front goes through so get out the light gear and look to the smaller, more stable streams - they're still holding good numbers.  




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The Ruamahanga and larger tribs draining the Tararuas will probably be affected by Friday night's rain. However, the weather looks pretty good in Wairarapa so look to the rivers and streams coming from the eastern catchment where the flows should be fine. These streams should be fishing well until the warm weather takes hold.          




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The Manawatu is chocolate brown this morning and won't be clearing anytime soon. Same goes for the Pohangina and Orua, however these might be 50:50 for fishing over the weekend. Best bet is to head east if you know a smaller stream out that way. 




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Just when the Rangitikei was starting to drop it's going to be hit with another rain band. As with everywhere in the region this weekend, pick out a smaller tributary where the rain won't have as much impact and where post spawning fish will still be hanging out.       

Tip of the Week - 'Read' water and catch more fish 

Learning where fish are likely to be in a river and, hence, knowing where to cast is the single most important step you can make in transitioning from a novice angler to one who consistently catches trout.

This vital skill is called 'reading water'. While it can take years to learn, we've tried to help short-cut the process so you can catch more fish, more regularly, without all the trial and error.    

4511 FG River Illustrations 04

The diagram above illustrates where fish are likely to hold in a technical stretch of river. 

Our Reading Water, Finding Fish brochure is available online.

It has plenty of tips and easy to understand diagrams to show you where to cast for the best chance of hooking a trout, rather than wasting precious time flogging barren water.

FG Reading the Water cover FINAL

We've also included lots of other helpful advice, such as the importance of finding the fish and spotting it before it sees you. One of the most common mistakes made by novice anglers is casting repeatedly at a trout that knows you are there.

Fish that have detected danger will either bolt for cover or go ‘stiff’, that is, they stop feeding and reduce all possible movement.

Take a moment to look at our brochure. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced angler you'll get something useful out of it. 

And if you've any other ideas about information that you'd think might help enhance your angling experience, please contact us and let us know.        

By Wellington Fish & Game officer Hamish Carnachan.


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 Click the map below to go to Horizon's website showing the list of available river webcams.

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Notice board

  • Anglers wanting to fish the Rangitikei backcountry must have a licence endorsement for this fishery. Click here to find out more. Or purchase your backcountry endorsement.   
  • Fishing regulations changes for the Wellington Fish & Game Region in 2019-2020 might affect you. If you missed last week's report, you can find out about the changes here.  
  • Don't get a nasty surprise by Greater Wellington Regional Council's river bulldozing ruining your day on the river. Check out the latest schedule of activity here
  • Flushing flows from the Moawhango Dam which will cause the rivers downstream (including the Rangitikei) to rise will be conducted on the following dates: 

10/11 December 2019
28/29 January 2020
18/19 February 2020
17/18 March 2020

 Email Wellington Communications and Field Officer Hamish Carnachan if you'd like any fishing or freshwater-related items posted to this noticeboard.

​*This report was accurate at time of writing - For your safety please ensure you check the latest weather and river flow information before you head out on the water.

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