Weekly Fishing Report - March 30

  • Wellington
  • 30/03/2017
  • Wellington

Weekly Fishing Report - March 30

This is our last Weekly Fishing Report for the season (though it doesn't close until April 30) and there are some great conditions lined up for the weekend!

Rivers are running a touch higher than normal but, with one or two exceptions, are largely at fishable flows and the weather is looking pretty good across most of the region this weekend.

With only a little over four weeks of the main season left, it's time to grab every opportunity you can to get out and fish and this weekend looks great.

Pictured above right: Another backcountry stunner for Peter de Boer - the fish are there for those who make the effort! (Credit: Peter de Boer).

We hope you've enjoyed our reports and found them useful. Catch you again in October!

Here's the outlook:

Hutt River and tributaries

Hutt30Mar2017Click the weather icons above to update.

The Hutt River is carrying a bit of colour and extra flow but should fall from today as there's no major rain in the forecast. Time to look to the smaller tribs in this catchment too - you might be well rewarded!


Kapiti Coast

Kapiti30Mar2017Click the weather icons above to update.

All the Kapiti Coast rivers are looking great at time of writing. With good weather conditions and plenty of fat pre-spawning trout around, this weekend it the one to get into it.  



Wairarapa30Mar2017Click the weather icons above to update.

The Ruamahanga mainstem is still coming up from a little rain in the ranges last night but should drop from this afternoon onwards. Check the flow before hitting it this weekend, otherwise the smaller tribs in both the east and west of the catchment should be seeing trout starting to move up for spawning.      



Manawatu30Mar2017Click the weather icons above to update.

Still a little high in the lower Manawatu for fishing today but that pulse of rain is clearing out at time of writing. As with the Wairarapa, the smaller tribs are clearing and should be good to go over the weekend based on the forecast at time of writing, with spawners starting to migrate upstream from the mainstem river. Find the updated flow for the Pohangina and Oroua and Mangatainoka by clicking these highlighted links.



Rangitikei30Mar2017Click the weather icons above to update.

There must have been a lot of rain in the Rangitikei headwaters because it is high and still heading up at tiem of writing. The good news is that although the Hautapu  is a little high and has some colour it is fishable and will be dropping with no further rain in the forecast 'til Monday. So, it's a case of hitting tribs which should be fishing well anyway with trout starting to push up for spawning.                  

Tip of the Week - Tapered leaders to combat the wind

20150319 095128There is a wide range of tapered leaders available to anglers, with variety to suit all conditions (image right).

Despite the fine overhead conditions this weekend, there could be a bit of wind around - this happens with the change of the seasons.

And as any fly angler will tell you, wind is a right pain in the butt when you have to cast into it.

An effective way to help combat wind, and punch your flies into a reasonably heavy breeze, is to use a tapered leader.

A tapered leader is, as the name suggests, a length of nylon that is thick where it attaches to the fly line, gradually reducing in diameter to the terminal end where either a fly or another length of leader material is tied.

With the butt section thicker and therefore heavier, it enables the angler to turn the flies over (extend the leader fully) with more ease, particularly in windy conditions.

My preferred tapered leader is 9ft in 3X (8lb). I find this the most versatile because I can use it straight up on big water that is carrying colour or, as is usually the case, I add another length of 4X - and then 5X if the water is very clear - by blood knot connection.

Just remember that the longer your leader, be it tapered or standard tippet, the harder it will be to turn it over when casting into the wind.

Tapered leaders can be quite expensive but you can build your own - search on YouTube for an effective 'recipe' which will provide the right weight/length ratios for the various sections of tippet you'll need to tie together.

By Wellington Fish & Game officer Hamish Carnachan.

Fish & Game NZ magazine online

Okay, the season is drawing to a close, but as Derek Grzelewski points out in Fish & Game NZ magazine, we're lucky in New Zealand to having plenty of angling opportunities even when the door shuts on the main part of the season.

Click on the screenshot below to read the full article.


Video of the week

Check out this latest video from Andrew Harding - a compilation of cicada fishing action this season.


Notice board

  • River bulldozing - Don't let this activity by Greater Wellington Regional Council ruin your fishing. Click here for the latest schedule of river destruction (you can also register your complaints through this page).
  • Ruamahanga access at Gliding Club (Greytown) - please note that work is being done by the council on the Pah Road access point. Anglers are being directed to the Tilsen Road access. This is across the farmland currently under lease so please respect his wishes that anglers:

- Leave the gates across the access road closed (they won't be locked).
- Contact him first before access (his number is on a sign on the gates) to let him know.

  • There's an import advisory for anglers about the Moawhanga flushing flows here.
  • Rangitikei River Access - Access point 10 (Rangitieki Valley Road end) has been washed out by flood and there is no longer access. Please use alternative access points.

Email Wellington Communications and Field Officer Hamish Carnachan if you'd like any fishing or freshwater-related items posted to this noticeboard.


​*This report was accurate at time of writing - please ensure you check the latest weather and river flow information before you head out on the water.


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