Both Barrels July 2018

  • 27/07/2018

Both Barrels July 2018

Welcome to our July edition of Both Barrels.

In this edition we hope to give you a polite shakeup.

If you're one of those hunters who only hunts ducks at Opening Weekend, or you put your shotgun away once the mallard season has closed…our message is: 'break out of your comfort zone' and try something different.

We are referring of course to the game birds still in season that can be hunted for the thick end of a month.

The rest of the message is our often repeated: get full value from your game bird licence!

You can still hunt paradise duck and swan in many regions.

In Northland, the season for both species ends on 5 August, but in the Eastern region, swan can be hunted right through to 26 August.

In the South Island, three regions have even more generous season on both species.

In North Canterbury, paradise duck and swan can be hunted through to 23 September in Area B, while in Central South Island the paradise season runs through 30 September in the area west of State Highway 1.

Opportunities to target paradise duck and swan in Otago continue through to 26 August, so there are still plenty of options out there for keen hunters.

Depending on which region you hunt, upland game birds – cock pheasants and quail – and one of the most challenging game birds – pukeko – can be hunted up until August 26.

Pukeko are fair game in many of our 12 regions but check your hunting regulation guides – in Tasman and Golden Bay they can be targeted to October 28, but there's a closed season in regions like Otago.

This is the time of year to think about helping our feathered friends with their living quarters.

The question is often what should you plant? Your nearest Fish & Game office will advise you at no cost.

We encourage people to plant species that will provide the birds with habitat and quality nesting spots and even some food.

Sedge species provides good nesting cover and also food for waterfowl.

How motivated a hunter and angler are you? If the answer is somewhere round the 100 per cent mark, read on below and consider standing for a place on one of our councils.

P.S - Thanks to Andy Southwick for our 'cover' photo of his daughters Kate and Ruby and his friend Ken, after a West Coast hunt.

P.P.S - If you think you've got a hunting image worthy of featuring on our 'cover', email it to Richard Cosgrove for consideration.

Straight Shooting ...

Improving our water quality

Fish and Game is continuing to fight for better water quality by proposing a more environmentally friendly way of managing the country's water resources.

As far as Fish & Game is concerned, the current rules in the National Policy Statement or NPS are not strong enough and favour economic development over the environment.

So what we have done is pull the existing NPS apart and put it back together to shift the balance back to the environment. The long-term aim is to stop further degradation and raise water quality.

The Fish & Game NPS has been given to the Environment Minister to consider. Once he's had time to consider it, we will be making the details available to you, the licenceholder, and the wider public.

Want to be a Fish & Game Councillor?

Want to throw your hat in the ring to play a part in managing our sports fish and game bird resources?

Fish & Game Council elections are coming up in October and we need licenceholders prepared to step up.

If you'd like to stand for council and volunteer your time to help manage the fish and game bird resources of one of our 12 regions, then visit our website here and find out more.

Candidate nominations open only days away on August 13 and close on August 30.

Be in to win!

If you bagged a banded bird this year, did you report it?

We hope so…If not, don't delay, phone the free-phone number 0800 BIRD BAND today.

You can fill out an online form or if you'd rather phone, ring the free phone number 0800 BIRD BAND (0800-247322).

If you get in your details in by August 31 you can go in the draw to win one of five prizes of a top quality duck hunting jacket plus a six-pack of decoys.

Click here for details.

Urgent investigation into Hawke's Bay pheasant dumpin

Fish and Game has begun an urgent investigation into the dumping of dozens of dead pheasants on Napier's Westshore Beach.

The pheasants were found on Napier's Westshore Beach early this week but their origin remains a mystery.

Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor says the organisation is investigating where the birds came from and who is responsible.

"We don't know where these pheasants have come from and whether it's the result of poaching or some other reason,” Martin Taylor says.

Click here.

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