Both Barrels April 2024 - Auckland/Waikato

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 21/04/2024

Hopes are high for a bumper duck season:


Climate in particular spring rainfall is a critical component to overall duck production and the last two breeding seasons have been great.

This last summer also had a low incidence of large-scale botulism outbreaks and those that did occur were generally contained through clean-up operations. 

As a result, we are seeing good numbers of birds on many rivers, lakes and ponds, both mallards and parries. 

Make sure you have some goose loads on hand also as this species continues to flourish.  

.410” shotguns

The only regulation change this year is the requirement to now use only non-toxic ammunition in the .410” shotgun within 200m of a waterway. 

However, supplies of such ammunition are tight and many hunters may find their local shelves empty in 2024. 

This is a less than ideal situation and we are working hard to try and find sources of ammunition for our hunters.

Regulation booklet delays

Regulation books were delayed this year but should now be with all licence agents. 

If you didn’t get yours when you purchased your licence, and it didn’t arrive in the post since, please let us know ASAP. Here’s a link to North and South Island regulation booklets online:

We’d particularly draw your attention to Auckland/Waikato rules which came in for last season; Numbers 7, 15 and 16.

These are the new restrictions on drift shooting between Cambridge and Taupiri. 

Also, it is now also an offence to shoot game birds and not take reasonable steps to retrieve them.

You should also have the means to do so. 

Remember too that the current shooting hours are now 6:30 am to 6:15 pm in the May/June season in this region.  This is to avoid misidentifying protected species as light fades.


You should have your Fish & Game magazine by now. 

If not, have we been advised of any recent address changes?

The Hamilton F&G office gets many dozens of magazines returned each year, gone no address.


There was a large fish kill, (1,000 plus), in the Whangamarino earlier this year, but fortunately, the ducks seem to have got off very lightly. 

Fish & Game also actively removed duck and fish carcasses from the Howarth Memorial Reserve near Te Aroha to contain a smaller outbreak there.  

F&G elections coming up, enrol to vote

You can enrol to vote in the Auckland/Waikato F&G Council elections when you buy your F&G licence just by ticking a box. 

You can also check with the Hamilton F&G office that you are enrolled to vote. 

If so, you’ll receive voting papers later this year.  The world belongs to those who participate.

Firearms licence

Check your firearms licence expiry date right now!

The current licence processing time is three to four months. 

Police advise that you should apply at least one month before expiry, either by going online or you can request a paper renewal application from the Firearms Safety Authority. 

Fish and Game cookbook   

For under $60, this would make a great present for any starting hunter as there’s lots of hints and suggestions about how to get the best out of lean heart-healthy game meat from the moment you retrieve it. 

Why not buy a copy now for someone you know before Opening Weekend?

F&G have sold out of their copies, but there’s still lots of offers online or in your local book store.


If you’re on the water, don’t forget your life jacket.  Alcohol and guns don’t mix either.

  • The Auckland Waikato Fish and Game Council and staff wish you all a safe and enjoyable game bird season.

Warm Barrels

The team at Auckland Waikato Fish & Game.


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