Both Barrels April 2024 - Eastern

  • Eastern
  • 22/04/2024

Both Barrels April 2024 - Eastern

Not long to go now!  Maimai should be tagged (if hunting public land), dressed, and ready for opening weekend. 

We are predicting a good start to the opening weekend of the game bird season provided the weather does what it is meant to do. 

Our monitoring indicated fewer mallard juveniles per adult hen in the trap sample than normal this year, but the previous year had been such a good breeding season that there are more adult females than have been present over the last 3 – 4 years. 

Because a larger proportion of the population this year will be adults (compared with the last few years) you will have to make sure your decoy spread is well set up and that your calling is on point. 

The adults are generally more wary (savvy) than the juveniles and harder to hunt, especially later in the season.

For those hunting upland game in Timberlands forests (e.g. Kaingaroa and Rotoehu Forests) you can now apply for your permits

Just make sure you check the maps and keep an eye out for poisoning operations that they have running from May in some blocks.

Rangers will be out again collecting data and checking licences so please remember to have them with you. 

The Police and Firearms Safety Staff may be accompanying our rangers this year, but I know you guys will have your firearms licences with you as well.

For those that have had their boats in the Waikato River remember to get them cleaned at the boat wash stations before taking them to other catchments.

Opening weekend is a great bonding time to spend with friends and family but be careful out there, firearms are not very forgiving.  

It’s on again! The highly successful NZ Fishing, Hunting and 4x4 Expo will run again in Rotorua on 23-25 August 2024. This year it’s going to be bigger and better. Follow their social media to keep in touch:


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