Both Barrels July 2019

  • 23/07/2019

Both Barrels July 2019

As the last weekend for hunting mallards approaches for many, it’s time to start thinking about other hunting options that are coming up around the country.

Many regions have longer game bird seasons for particular species and some even have summer seasons.

These summer seasons especially help out our farmers who are facing crop predation issues and enable birds to be harvested or at least moved on.

The late season hunting opportunities around New Zealand give hunters the chance to harvest that great free-range food that is on offer in our great country.

Be sure to check out your neighbouring Fish & Game region’s hunting options as well, as a short trip might open up some new hunting opportunities.

While the Government’s gun buy back may not directly affect you, the second tranche of changes to firearms laws may well.

The Government has said the new bill will be introduced into Parliament in a couple of months.

Once that is done hunters will be able to make submissions on these proposed changes via the select committee process which can be done online.

We strongly suggest all firearms owners have their say on the proposed new changes when the Select Committee process opens.

Fish & Game will email all hunters in our game bird licence data base when this happens with the links to make submitting an easy process.

During those long hot summer days when you are dreaming of duck hunting opening day, also start thinking about taking a new hunter with you on opening day.

The more people we introduce to our sport, the longer we will be able to continue doing it.

If the new hunter is new to shooting spend some time beforehand schooling them up on some clay target birds so when opening morning comes they have as good a chance as any for success.

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Trust me the time put into preparing new hunters will pay off in spades as they will more than contribute to the days total.

Those regions that have summer seasons are chances for a training session as well.

Share as much knowledge as you have about all the other things associated with our great sport (duck calling, decoy layout etc) so that the new hunters can feel fully involved on opening day.

Thankfully so far there hasn’t been any serious injuries this hunting season and as this is the final Both Barrels for the year the team at Fish & Game thank you for your support over the season and wish you the best till next year.

Richie Cosgrove

Auckland / Waikato
Hawke's Bay

Nelson / Marlborough
North Canterbury

West Coast
Central South Island

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