Both Barrels July 2020

  • North Canterbury
  • 17/07/2020

Both Barrels July 2020

There are only a few days left in the traditional North Canterbury Fish & Game game bird hunting season, with Sunday the 26th the last day.

Right: Hunting at dusk can be very rewarding, even on a still night.

While many hunters will have already stowed their guns until next year’s much anticipated opening day, there are some great opportunities for a number of species that hunters can still target after Sunday, namely;

  • Black Swan in area A, (the area east of SH1 between the Rakaia River to the south and Woodend Beach Road in the north), with hunters allowed to take up to 20 swans each day from next Monday through to September 20th. Lakes Ellesmere and Forsyth are good options here, will many traditional hunters no longer using their maimais.
  • Californian quail may be harvested at up to 10 per day until August 30th. The scrub margins of all our riverbeds are good options for this.
  • Pukeko may be harvested at up to 5 per day until September 27th. Although not targeting by most hunters, can make some great sport especially with a few hunters spread out.
  • Paradise shelduck in area B (the remainder of the North Canterbury Fish & Game region outside area A) may be harvested at up to 20 per day until September 20th. A great table bird and many hunters around the region will continue to target these in areas where they are targeting young pasture.

And also don't forget the summer paradise shelduck season that runs from the 30th of January until the 14th of March next year, help our farmers out by getting a few parries for the plate!

Steve Terry, North Canterbury Fish & Game Officer.

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