Both Barrels July 2022

  • Nelson/Marlborough
  • 19/07/2022

Both Barrels July 2022


Do you hunt or fish in the Molesworth? If so, please take note.

You are invited to make suggestions on the future management of Rangitahi/Molesworth by completing this online survey.

Whether you are a regular or an occasional user of Molesworth, Fish & Game, encourage you to complete the online survey, expressing how important Molesworth is to you regarding your recreational hunting or fishing.

Molesworth is the scene of the famous 'Molesworth Goose Hunt', held three times annually. Many of you will have attended this great hunt, and the privilege of hunting (and fishing) here must be maintained in the future.

Suggestions will be used to inform the preparation of a draft plan and can be made through the online survey until August 7 2022.

Click here to complete the online survey.

Above Right: On winter Molesworth goose hunts, game birds also feature in the hunter's bag-Photo: Geoff Irvine.



Hunters get their safety briefing before the Wakapuaka Hunt

We have had a busy season of facilitated hunting events in this region.

Recently we held the annual Wakapuaka pukeko hunt, which was well patronised, with around 70 hunters attending on the day.

The pukeko harvest was reasonably light, with about 180 birds taken.

However, it was a great day out and enjoyed by hunters.

Thanks to those who stayed and helped dress out the birds, the meat from this hunt was taken to James at Meat Solutions and made into sausage and patties for "Meat the Need" charity, given away to those who need it.

The carcasses were then taken to the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust and will feed to these birds over the winter.

We have also held three Rabbit Island upland game hunts, a swan/pukeko hunt at Bells Island, and have been busy with managed hunting access within OneFortyOne and Tasman Pine Forests Ltd estates.


Hunters are well placed to get involved in the many community conservation events that regularly arise.

One that springs to mind is the Tasman Environment Trust native plantings that are currently in full swing and are taking place all over the region, including at Rabbit Island, a location where we have access to for organised upland game hunts.

There are planting days occurring regularly here; a good one to attend is on Sunday, August 7, down the end of Boat Point Rd – email Jacob Lucas for more information


August is your final opportunity to hunt quail in OneFortyOne (OFO) forests.

If you want to get drive-in access to large areas of forestry in Golden Downs and the Wairau Valley, email Jacob Lucas to book yourself on the August 13-14 weekend.

Warm Barrels

Jacob Lucas, Nelson Marlborough Fish & Game

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