Both Barrels July 2022

  • Northland
  • 19/07/2022

Both Barrels July 2022

Upland Game

This is the last chance to target upland game with the season closing on the 28th of August.

We are blessed with robust numbers of pheasants and quail in Northland.

Birds are still being seen in good numbers at our wetlands and forestry blocks where we have access.

Game Bird Returns Reminder

If you have been hunting on any of the NFGC owned wetlands or forestry blocks, we need you to send in your returns.

This information helps us determine the productivity of the wetlands and gives us an idea of hunter effort at these blocks.

We also have two more hunter surveys due before the end of the season.

This will pick up the end of the parry and upland game seasons.

These surveys provide Northland Fish and Game with valuable information on harvest rates.

We use this information along with the trend counts to determine season recommendations.

Special Paradise Shelduck Open Season

Important dates to put in your diary:

  • Northlands special paradise shelduck open season will occur between 18 Feb and 26 Feb 2023, shooting hours from 0630 to 2000hrs. Paradise shelduck, swan and pukeko can be hunted during this time.

Please refer to the game bird hunting guide for more information.

Annual Shoveler Counts

The annual Shoveler duck survey will be carried out in August.

This seclusive bird tends to inhabit less visited wetlands and ponds.

The male’s bright plumage and bill make them very distinctive.

If you know of any area where these birds are congregating, we would like to know so we can add this to our survey sites.

Compliance Summary for the 2022 Season

Northland was a bit lawless over opening weekend.

Six shotguns were seized, and two hunters were charged with hunting without a licence.

More seriously, one of the parties were intoxicated.

Police have become involved, and their firearms licences are now under review.

This behaviour is totally unacceptable and getting intoxicated during opening weekend while in the possession of firearms should never be accepted.

We also had reports of “Gun Boating” on the Wairua River however, we were unable to locate the offenders.

Not only does this breach the Wildlife Act but shooting from a moving vessel is dangerous and can have serious consequences.

To top it off these people shot at decoys in the water that were directly in front of a group of hunters in their river side maimai.

The consequences could have been a lot worse for all involved.

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