Both Barrels June 2020

  • North Canterbury
  • 11/06/2020

Both Barrels June 2020

Duck hunters get to maximise their chances with a shortest day hunt

North Canterbury hunters are being advised to take the opportunity that the shortest day offers for maximise their hunting opportunities.

With their being less than nine hours of daylight on the 21st of June, hunters can pack in a lot of hunting as the ducks head back to the waterways to camp up.

Typically ducks will leave on dusk to raid farmland crops during the night, before returning back to river and lakes early in the morning.

With this in mind that North Canterbury Fish and Game are promoting the “shortest day hunt” in an effort to get as many hunters out as possible.

Hunters can take advantage of this day, simply by getting back out to their maimai’s, with the expectation that the ducks won’t be sitting on a vacant pond down the road, as hunters will be there too.

All hunters need to do is go hunting on the shortest day, in the morning or evening, or both, and encourage all their game bird licence holder mates to do the same.

This is a great opportunity to take the kids out for a hunt, or even introduce someone new to the sport as day licences are only $23.

It has long been realised, that the more hunters out there, the better everyone will do.

Wild duck is a highly sought after for the table and is regarded a real treat by many, and roast duck with that traditional homemade stuffing will undoubtably be back on the menu after the 21st June shortest day hunt.

Hunters are reminded that 2019 maimai claim tags only remain current until the 2021 pegging day if the hunter has purchased a 2020 game bird licence. Hunters looking to claim maimai’s that are possibly unused, need to contact Fish and Game, to find out if the name on the tag is a current 2020 game bird licence holder.

The mallard season runs until 26 July and we advise that duck numbers are very good in the region.

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