Both Barrels June 2021

  • Nelson/Marlborough
  • 16/06/2021

Both Barrels June 2021


There are heaps of hunting blocks available to book in the Tasman Pine Forests upland game area.

While most of the birds you will find are quail, there is the odd pheasant floating around some of the blocks, including at Eves Valley where Fish & Game have been doing some pheasant enhancement work.

Most hunters are finding quail closer to larger trees early on the day, though hunting in the afternoon may see coveys further away from their roost trees and could be a better time to hunt.

Quail, in particular, have been making use of some of the windrows to hide in, so it pays to get your dog to take a good look at these spots.

Regular hunters of these blocks are finding that each time they hunt there, they learn more about the block and the bird locations and behaviour, so repeat visits are recommended and more than welcome.

Visit the webpage here and book yourself a block!


It’s the middle of the season, and our data tells us hunter effort drops away for the next few weeks before the effort increases towards the end of the season.

Before you know it the regular season will be over, so we encourage you to maximise the value of your hunting licence and make the most of the middle period.

Ducks will start seeking sheltered backwaters and ponds, often taking a liking to water that has plenty of cover, so it’s a good time to suss out a few quiet spots and go for a jump shoot or place a few decoys in the morning or evening.

As frosts become more regular, ponds or bodies of moving water that doesn’t freeze become attractive to birds, so keep your eye out for river camps, and if you’re unsure where to go, take a look at page 88 of the latest Fish & Game magazine – River Hunting and How to Find Your Spots for tips on where to look for birds.


If you missed the latest public land pheasant weekend on 19/20 June, fear not, the final one is on 17/18 July.

There was a good breeding season for pheasants last year, and decent numbers of birds exist within public land areas this season.

Above Right: Tom Darling shows a fine public land rooster.


Former Nelson Marlborough Fish & Game Councillor and duck fanatic, Ben Sowry, is now residing in Otago working for Otago Fish & Game.

Here is his take on duck sliders, an easy but tasty way to cook your mallard breast meat – but remember to leave the skin on – the meat tastes lots better!

Warm Barrels

Jacob Lucas, Nelson Marlborough Fish & Game Officer.

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