Both Barrels June 2021

  • North Canterbury
  • 16/06/2021

Both Barrels June 2021

Give pheasant hunting a go

Traditionally North Canterbury hunters have only had one weekend to partake in some of the best wild pheasant hunting in the country.
The North Canterbury Fish & Game Council voted to extend the season two additional weekends to increase hunting opportunities and, following due consideration, that the bird population can handle the increased opportunity.
Hunters are reminded the bag limit is still only one cock pheasant per day. But the additional two weekends will offer hunters more chances to harvest a bird, spread the hunting pressure on public or private land and increase safety.
The final weekend is 26th & 27th June.
Eagle-eyed hunters may have spotted that in the regulations booklet the last dates are the 27th and 28th of June, this is incorrect and the 26th and 27th are the right dates.
Upland game hunting is a bit different than waterfowling and we strongly recommend the use of blaze orange clothing whilst hunting especially on public land.
As always follow the seven basic rules of firearms safety especially clearly identifying your target and being aware of your firing zone, plus remember to clean up after yourselves and leave the land as you found it.
For more tips and advice on pheasant hunting, check out the articles on pages 95 and 97 of Issue 52 of the Fish & Game magazine which you can find here:

Lots of hunting opportunities in North Canterbury

Game bird hunters in North Canterbury have one of the country's longest seasons, which gives you plenty of options and chances to maximise your game bird hunting licence.

You can hunt mallards and shoveler till 25 July, paradise shelducks can be hunted till 25 July in Area A and till 19 September in Area B, quail can be hunted till 29 August, pukeko and black swan can be hunted till 26 September.

Warm Barrels

Steve Terry North Canterbury Fish & Game Officer.

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