Both Barrels Mar 2017

  • 31/03/2017

Both Barrels Mar 2017

Get set to hunt some game birds

Welcome to this special issue of Both Barrels

Counting down... there are now only 32 days til Opening Day on Saturday May 6.

Firstly, don't forget to stake a claim for your favourite hunting stand or maimai (tagging day, aka pegging or marking day) is on Sunday, April 9 (click here for more info!).

With a bit of luck you'll be well into your pre-season preparations. But if life's got in the way, here are some tips to help you with the old Boy Scout advice of 'be prepared.' Click here.

There is good news from various parts of the country on bird numbers and prospects for opening.

In the North Island, both Eastern and Taranaki region for example, are tipping one of the best seasons for some time, going by the monitoring of duck populations.

In the south, strongly positive reports have also been received from a couple of regions in particular.

Otago staff say prospects are "damn good" with the duck hunting strongholds of south and west Otago looking especially strong. Nelson Marlborough duck numbers are also up after an excellent breeding season. "A nice wet spring meant lots of puddles for ducklings and great survival rates."

Please take note that six regions now have three-shot rules or other restrictions, so you need to swot up what's happening in your region. For more information, click here.

Licences went on sale online from March 16 click here to buy yours. Getting your licence as soon as possible should ensure you'll have your sturdy plastic tag to mark up your maimai anytime up until pegging day (9 April 2017).

Finally, you are responsible for your own – and your mate's safety out hunting – please do a safety refresher with our help before you head out – click here.

Good luck with those preparations and remember to click here for those tips – and remember to contact your nearest Fish & Game office for questions or burning issues we can help you with!

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Preparing your Maimai
bb 1 FGNZ Opening12Summer, what summer? Whatever, it was a great summer for ducks. Hopefully many of you will have been out to your maimai or stand to check on water levels and do any fix up needed.

For our maimai 'how to' click here.

Are you shooting straight?

bb 2 Pattern sheetNo matter how good your shotgun is, or isn't, for successful game bird hunting you need to make sure it's patterned properly.

Any shotgun, whether it's double barrelled or a magazine gun, can suffer from poor barrel alignment or incompatibility with the cartridges you are using.

Click here for our 'how to' video.

For general shooting and hunting tips, click here.

Don't get caught out - swot up on the Rules and Regulations

bb 3 Gun stuff Photo Ian McLeodStudy the rules and regulations before you head out this Opening Day, Saturday May 6. Six regions now have three shot or other restrictions. The law is clear about practices such as not shooting from or near roadways, shooting on private land without permission, etc. Learn more.

Be Safe! For the seven rules for firearm safety, click here.

Game Bird Season 2017 key dates & checklist

bb 4 safetyTo read more click here

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