Both Barrels March 2021

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 17/03/2021
  • Richie Cosgrove

Both Barrels March 2021

With less than six weeks to go until the game bird season, we welcome our readers of Both Barrels for 2021, the place where we keep you up to date with everything you need to know for a great season.

Both Barrels will start in earnest in April, giving all hunters access to some of the best minds in game bird hunting in New Zealand.

Our staff live and breathe game bird hunting and are extremely passionate about helping other hunters achieve success and the best game bird hunting experience possible.

The Game Bird Special Edition of the Fish & Game Magazine will start landing in your mailbox next week and along with Both Barrels will help your hunting experience throughout the season.

The coming season's prospects are looking great, staff report a good breeding season pretty much everywhere.

Hunting retailers were organised and got their orders with overseas suppliers in early so the stock would be here even if delayed by shipping issues. They tell us they are ready for the season so get instore or online and make sure you are ready too. Get your licence while you are there or buy online here.

With the new fit and proper test that came into effect in December 2020 for firearms owners, it’s not worth the risk of being caught hunting without a licence, using lead shot or not complying with other relevant regulations. Any charges or convictions under the Wildlife Act may mean you would fail the fit and proper test of your firearms licence placing your firearms licence in jeopardy according to NZ Police.

Do your mates a favour and check they have a valid game bird hunting licence before the season starts, that way we can keep our great tradition of hunting going.

NZ Police have also recently advised that there is a backlog in processing firearms licence renewals which may affect a very small number of game bird hunters. If you are currently renewing or need to renew your firearms licence before the game bird season, now is the time to act. If this affects you, seek advice from your local police arms office as soon as possible, certainly well before the game bird season starts on May 1st. You can still purchase your game bird licence and mark up your stand during this process.

And remember your game bird hunting licence doesn’t end after Opening Weekend, it unlocks the door to many weeks of hunting nationwide!

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