Both Barrels March 2022

  • Otago
  • 22/03/2022
  • Richie Cosgrove

Both Barrels March 2022

Fish & Game welcomes our readers of Both Barrels for 2022, the place where we keep you up to date with everything you need to know for a great game bird season.

Both Barrels will start in earnest in April, giving all hunters access to some of the best minds in game bird hunting in New Zealand.

Our staff live and breathe game bird hunting and are incredibly passionate about helping hunters achieve success and have the best possible game bird hunting experience.

They have helped with compiling the Fish & Game Cookbook; it's filled with helpful information and heaps of recipes from game chef Angelo Georgalli so you can experience your game birds as never before. So, get ahead of the queue and order your copyhere.

It’s time to go wild in the kitchen with the new Fish & Game Cookbook.

The Game Bird Special Edition of the Fish & Game Magazine will start landing in your mailbox from today and, along with Both Barrels, will help your hunting experience throughout the season.

The coming season's prospects are looking great in most areas, the wet summer helping provide plenty of habitat for ducks around the country.

Remember Pegging Day is April 10 and Opening Day is May 7.

Hunting retailers tell us there shouldn't be significant delays caused by shipping problems. They said they are ready for the season, so get in-store or online and make sure you are ready too and support your local retailers. You can get your licence while you are there or buy onlinehere.

We want to advise firearms owners of the new arms regulations around transporting firearms that came into effect on February 1st 2022; Clickherefor more information.

Also, do your mates a favour and check they have a valid game bird hunting licence before the season starts; that way, we can keep our great tradition of hunting going.

Remember to take your camera when hunting this season! The annual Game Bird Habitat Trust Stamp photo competition gets underway from April 1 with thousands of dollars in prizes for the winning photographer sponsored by the Kilwell Sports and the Game Bird Habitat Trust.Click here

And remember, your game bird hunting licence unlocks the door to many weeks of hunting nationwide and doesn't end on Opening Weekend!

Warm barrels from the Team at Fish & Game NZ

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